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Sunday, March 06, 2011

So.... yeah. February, I hardly knew ya.

A lot of people have been asking about the status of my projects. This February, while full of many good things for myself and my family, has not been so good for my discretionary time. I've been quite short on it, in fact.

Even worse for my MUGEN projects has been the way I chose to spend what little free time I did have: catching up on my DC animation. Netflix, bless them, have made the recent DC comics flicks available for streaming, so I finally got around to watching Batman: Under the Red Hood, Superman/Shazam, and Superman/Batman: Apokolips. All entertaining enough, and definitely a good thing that I didn't watch them with my kids (would have made for nightmare city). But all the same, I had to take that time from something, and that something was MUGEN creation time, alas.

Now that I'm caught up, though, hopefully I can get back to finishing Blackest Night Hal and Parasite 2.0. On Hal, I've resolved 50 of the 65 issues that came up in the beta, so expect to hear more on that front soon.

Provided I can keep my Netflix queue clear. ;)

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Son, I am disappoint :(
YEEESSS :D, finally somthing new XD Nah, hope Hal to hear more on Hal and Parasite! Looking forward playing as yellow/red/black latern!
I saw under the red hood last night I actually liked Di Maggio's joker. Especially the scene in the small room :)
I was a little cold on the Joker at first, because Mark Hamill's version is so good, but it really grew on me by the end.

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