On the 17th day of Christmas

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Feeding Frenzy special
Feeding Frenzy special
Quick Snack hyper
Quick Snack hyper

Yeah yeah yeah, I'm slow and irresponsible and a promise-breaker for not delivering my "12 Days" gifts during the 12 days. Love it or hate it, it is what it is this year. So everytime I release stuff over the rest of the month of January will make fun of my lack of schedule-timeliness. Thus, today is the 17th Day of Christmas.

Earlier this month, I released an update to Parasite that wasn't quite as done as I'd hoped for. Yes, there are still quite a few unfinished power sets -- that's my next focus with him -- but I had a couple of things I wanted to do for better playability. Today I'm releasing a version that accurately captures that vision:

* 11 Jan 2012: v2.2.1
  - new level-1 hyper: Quick Snack (QCB + PP/KK), steals a random powerset from someone off-screen
  - fixed this readme to include the command for Feeding Frenzy (weak kick + hard punch or weak punch + hard kick)
  - bugfix to Feeding Frenzy: air version didn't have any sound effect
  - bugfix to re-enable palettes 7 through 12 (which got accidentally disabled)
  - changed command for Power Overload: now it's F,D,DF + punch & kick of equal strength

Like I said, there's a lot still to be done with him, but I'm pretty happy with the playstyle changes made possible by the new Feeding Frenzy and Quick Snack attacks.

You can get Parasite v2.2.1 here, on his page.

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You've said that Guido v2.0 and Sinestro v1.0 were to be Days 9 and 10 respectively... Are we still going to get whatever was planned for 11 and 12?
That's a fair question. Day 11 isn't mine, it's still going to come from my colleagues over at ScruffyDragon, who have been basically waiting on me to deliver days 9 and 10 (which are, more realistically, going to be days 19 and 22 or somesuch). Day 12 isn't a character release, but it's an announcement of a fairly exciting nature.
Thanks for the answer. I'd assumed that people were just waiting on you, but it's nice to have it confirmed. Sorry for the lack of on-topic commentary, but I haven't gotten the chance to try this update out yet. Guido is looking epic, though! :)
No worries, I figured people besides you would want to know too.
Wowww Me gusta mucho Parasite. Este es el mejor char de MUGEN.

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