Elektra's palettes

Friday, February 27, 2009

Elektra new palettes
classic | modern | movie
black | silver | white
Psylocke | Rogue | Lady Shiva

As I mentioned in a couple of recent posts, I've been working on Elektra lately: adding in her missing basic attacks, get-hits, et cetera, plus adding more intros, specials, & hypers. This'll be a much more complete and playable version, at least I hope so.

Tonight I've been working on palettes. I often find it useful when working on sprite edits to come up with a totally crazy palette or two to make sure that all the different parts of my sprites are consistent in their use of colors; that's particularly important when you start adding in other sprite elements that aren't part of the character's base sprites, but which may have similar colors (like in Elektra's case: her weapons, her friends, etc). Here are the 9 palettes I've got so far for Elektra; obviously the ones on the bottom row are the "crazy" ones, but I thought I'd make them in homage to her two primary sprite base sources, and to her closest DC counterpart. Still 3 more to do to round out the 12 palette slots MUGEN provides; any suggestions?


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