Hulk add-ons

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So, over at ScruffyDragon, some people have been requesting an AI for our recently-released Savage Hulk -- fear not, it's coming. Meanwhile, SD forum regular Tunglashor has released his personal AI (with mine & Bob's permission). You can download it here

Also, since some people have been asking for "regular sized" portraits for Hulk so they can use him on a MUGEN screenpack other than DCvsMarvel -- here are a few that I'll be including in the next release, feel free to use any of them you'd like:

Hulk alternate portrait #1Hulk alternate portrait #2Hulk alternate portrait #3Hulk alternate portrait #4


Luv the new hulk bro. but while i was in training mode up against carnage, carnage puled a grab move and hulk started floating and he wouldnt move. i got a pic of it on my fone. i dont know why it happened

Hmm. Personally I haven't seen that, but I may know what it is. If you could, see if you can duplicate it with debug mode turned on, and grab a screenshot (by hitting F12).

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