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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Whew! Just like last year, the "12 days" event kinda burned me out for wanting to work on MUGEN stuff for a few weeks. But I AM doing some stuff, and a lot of things are starting to take shape in the "release pipeline", so to speak. Here are a few notes on what's in there.


As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I'm working on a Hulk update for all y'all:
  • It'll have AI, thanks to the very talented assistance of Tunglashor.
  • It'll have the alternate select screen portraits I posted about recently.
  • It'll have some minor bug fixes.
  • It'll have custom "frozen" animation for when he's fighting Ice/Bizarro/etc.
  • It'll most likely have another finished hyper (the "Hulk Crush" that's about half finished and disabled in the current release).
  • It'll have an arcade intro.
  • There's a good chance it'll have ground and air throws.
  • And, the superarmor code will likely be a little tweaked to make him slightly tougher.
Overall lots of smallish tweaks, but I think they'll come together to make what was a bit of a rush release, that much more "finished"-looking.

Possible Betas

I'm also considering kicking out another beta of Sinestro and/or Elektra, if I can get more of their get-hit sprites finished soon. Truth be told I hate doing those kinds of sprites, so they're both kind of slow going. -_-

Bone girl

And... following up on something I mentioned over a year ago, I'm feeling the need to give Marrow some attention. Her code needs an overhaul, and she could use a few new/tweaked moves, plus of course I want to add the DCvM-style to her so she plays similarly to my other characters. This one will take more work, but it really really needs to be done.

The purple elephant in the room

I know that probably my most-anticipated WIP right now is Parasite, and don't worry, I haven't forgotten about him. But he needs more spit and polish before I feel comfortable releasing him, he's my baby right now and I'd hate for another unfinished version of him (like the craptastic leaked/stolen one floating around on eSnips) to get out in the wild. But he IS still being worked on, fear not.


Plus of course my teammates and I are still working on pulling everything together for the official DCvsMarvel "Phase 1" release. Seth Zankuten is currently working on play-balancing the other characters, particularly the ones like Dr. Doom and Wonder Woman that are otherwise essentially finished. For my part, I've got Amalgam hypers to finish for Lobo, GL, Luthor and Hulk. Still quite a bit of work to do on that front, but progress is being made:
Skulk hyper in progress

Watch this space...

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