Update on Elektra (and Parasite!)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Thanks to everyone who's given me suggestions on Elektra; I think I've settled upon the final palettes for her next release:

Elektra new palettesElektra new palettes
classic | modern | movie | Psylocke | Rogue | Ms.Marvel
black | silver | white | Lady Shiva | Catwoman | Batwoman

The six "normal" Elektra palettes are on the left; the six "cosplay" palettes are on the right, 3 inspired by Marvel's characters, 3 inspired by DC's. Kageuchi also suggested a "Catsai" palette based on her Amalgam with Catwoman; I've done one, but it's not one of the default 12; you would need to hand-edit your .def file to use it.

Now, to more substantial news about her progress: I've decided to try an experiment. It's no secret I hate doing get-hit sprites; I've said so a few times on this blog. But a MUGEN character has got to have them or they look really weird in-game. Soooooo... I'm going to try crowdsourcing them. What that means can be summed up in an old saying: "many hands make light work." Or in other words, I'm ripping clean new versions of Psylocke's get-hit sprites and color-swapping them to Elektra's default/working palette, and when I'm done I'll post the sheet and ask anyone who's interested to help me edit them. It'll get her ready for release quite a bit faster, so everyone benefits! :) I may do it for Sinestro too, in the interest of making faster progress on some of my longest-running WIPs.

Another of my long-running WIPs, Parasite, got some attention tonight: I gave him an Elektra power set, and implemented the "Nerve Strike" special that Elektra's going to have in the next release:
stolen Nerve Strike special

And, one more: my buddy and co-ScruffyDragon SethZankuten came up with a new and better effect for Darkseid's Omega Blast, so I've updated Parasite with the new version as well:
stolen Omega Blast special

And, yeah. 2am here and I've got work in the morning. So that's enough for now. ;)

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