Parasite Beta 0.99

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Parasite beta 0.99

To cap off Parasite Week, here's what you've all been waiting for -- the first public release of Parasite!

I'm calling this version "Beta 0.99," because he's still missing a fair amount of stuff. I just didn't get it done in time, and felt that after I'd made the promise to release, it would be unfair to withhold him now.

WARNING: there are gonna be bugs. Probably a lot of them. Please alert me to them here at the SD forum and I will attempt to resolve them in the next release.

What this version has:


  • Projectile Absorb: WP+WK

  • Feeding Time: QCB + Punch (slot1) or Kick (slot2)

  • Use Stolen Special: QCF + Punch (slot1) or Kick (slot2)

  • Power Overload (incomplete): QCB + KK

  • Use Stolen Hyper: QCF + 2 punches (slot1) or 2 kicks (slot2)

What it's missing:
  • some crouching and air attacks

  • quite a few power sets aren't fully implemented

  • some custom anims (dizzy, frozen, electrocuted, etc)

For a complete list of what he's got and what characters he supports, check the readme.

For now, you can download him here on his page. We'll add to the ScruffyDragon downloads section soon.

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