Scruffyversary 2009

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

This April my team is continuing a tradition we started last year of a month-long party to celebrate our anniversary together as the ScruffyDragons. Lots of good stuff planned, including many of the things I've been talking about lately here on the blog.

parasite stage contest
One of these is a contest to design a stage to go along with Parasite so that he can be included as part of the upcoming DCvsMarvel Phase 1 release. If you're interested in participating, the contest announcement thread is here.

For more on the Scruffyversary, make with the clicky right here.

Oh, and that Elektra video I mentioned in my last post? Still coming, I'd just wanted the ScruffyVersary "treasure hunt" to have some room to tease the new Elektra stuff first.

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