Parasite update

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I just uploaded a new version (beta 0.99b) of Parasite; I'm sure at some point it'll get mirrored over to ScruffyDragon as well.

Changes in this release:

  • added forward/back dashes

  • added air recover anim

  • added frozen anims

  • fixed bug in Flash's stolen special (thanks, Rod ;))

  • did some work to prevent move-spamming (not quite finished yet, but it's better)

  • enabled the hitdefs in Wolverine's power set (but the move anim itself is still just a placeholder; that's a hard frankensprite to get right!)

  • stubbed in a first-draft version of Wonder Woman's special (needs a more complete anim and the custom effect sparks)

  • fixed the power set recognizer for Etrigan (but his moves don't work yet, so it's kinda moot)

  • added preliminary power set support for Starfire, Bane, Erradicator, Nightwing, and Mongul

  • added Starfire's special (Star Sphere)

  • added Guido/Strong Guy's hyper (Blanka Envy)

  • added basic version of Erradicator's special (Speed Punch) -- not really happy with it yet tho. Hmm.

Go and get it on Parasite's page.

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