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Sunday, September 06, 2009

(First off, sorry for the apparent "filler" nature of this post; the next episode of "Hal Jordan: Blackest Night Edition" is coming soon, but I'm still working out the kinks in the palette and how I want the intro to work, before I post it.)

With the above caveat out of the way, I wanted to show off the awesome portrait ScruffyDragon forum member The Arlequin just did for our in-progress Mandarin character:

portrait of the Mandarin, by Arlequin
(You may need to reload to see it; I was using a placeholder with the same filename before)

Isn't that awesome? It's now the image on both the Character Select and Mandarin pages of the site. Thanks again, Arlequin! :D

I also tweaked the code that I was using to generate my tag cloud on the sidebar... the maximum and minimum text sizes were too outrageous, especially considering how many different tags I am using. So hopefully you'll agree that it looks better now.

Since this is a long weekend here in the U.S., hopefully you'll be seeing "Bluish-Green Lantern" Hal on Monday.

-Edit- Fixed internal page links.

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hate to report this..the character select and mandarin links don't work
Thanks man... they were relative links, so were working fine if viewed from the front page, but not from the archive/post page. D'oh!

Anyway, it should be fixed now. Thanks for catching that.
also hoping you guys can make a good regular big portrait, ya know, some action pose or something for the select screen?
The key to the Mandarin is understanding that he's not like a Green Lantern at all. He's more like Deathstroke or Prometheus, a martial artist and devious prep-master. His rings are more about getting the guy off balance for his martial arts attacks. Kind of like Sub-Zero.
I agree, he won't play at all like GL. McCready gave me a "design bible" of sorts that outlines his vision for the character, which I'll probably be following pretty closely.

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