Character page redesign

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sorry the blog's been quiet lately; I've been in the middle of rewriting the character pages to fit in with the visual theme I established a few weeks ago with the stages and add-ons pages.

I'm not quite done yet: there are still a few issues related to overflow and cross-browser compatibility. But when done, the pages which used to look like this will look (more or less) like this.

I've also got v2.0 Release Candidate 2 coming up soon for Parasite; it'll have bug fixes, sprite improvements, improved AI, better effects here and there, and a few more filled-out power sets. Look for an update on all of that later this week; I want to get it out of the way so I can get back to work on Hal and Sinestro!


well you better hurry and work on hal and sinestro soon cuz march will be here in no time i mean look after this week its February lol times goin fast o and i was just wondering parasite has all the lantern absorbs except one blue lantern lol why is that? lol
Heh, I know! As for the Lantern powersets... I haven't yet figured out what Blue can do on its own (in the comics, Blue Lanterns need to have a Green Lantern nearby to have any power besides basic flight and shields)
Hey, about Jordan, maybe you want to take a look to GL #50. A Glimpse to a BL.

(And I think shadoku lols too much, hehe)
@Matiax: heh, yep. Look here:

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