Spoiler Alert! - Green Lantern #50

Thursday, January 28, 2010

So, I just read Green Lantern #50, and as expected, it's another great chapter in the Blackest Night crossover. And I saw something in there... that (spoiler alert!) made me want to revist the Black Lantern palette I designed for Hal's upcoming War Of Light remix:

Black Lantern Hal Jordan


I read that and though it was cool (had a feeling it was gonna happen at some stage, and then the ending was pretty cool, did not see that happening)
Yeah, me too. Would have liked to see a little more from Spectre, but I guess that's coming in BN #7.
That was an awesome issue! The cover kind of gave it away, but I enjoyed reading it. (Actually, that's quite an accomplishment for most of the comics that have been coming out. There are so few good titles.)

Buyog, have you considered Alan Scott as an upcoming project? I know you're busy with other characters, but somebody needs to make him and you're among the best, if not the best designers/programmers. And yes, I am sucking up. But just a bit. My words are true.
@Anon: There's a regular at the ScruffyDragon forums (Apathy, I think) who is doing Alan Scott as a full character. If he needs a coder, I might be willing, but that's probably still a little way off.
wow lol that was a good issue would have wanted to see what sinestro looked like if he was parralax o and cabt wait for GL
Cool. He looks even better!

I just read "The Atom and Hawkman" #46, and I think (And I cant' believe i'm saying this) Indigo Hal should show a litle more skin. Ray only wears shoulder pads and pants. You could cover his legs and expose the chest, so he doesn't look like a Sapphire palette swap. Also can give you some ideas for Indigo Powers.

Just a suggestion.
@Matiax: I read it too, really good issue. My only problem with your suggestion is that the smart palette currently uses the same color for the upper arms as it does for the legs, so to cover the legs and have the arms bare would require an additional color set in the smart palette. But I'll fiddle with it and see if the result is worth making that kind of a change.

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