Spoiler Alert #4 - Green Lantern Corps #46

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Here we are again with another Spoiler Alert. Today, I'll be talking about Green Lantern Corps #46, the last Blackest Night tie-in from that title... only Blackest Night #8 is left before the big ending, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they pull it off.

There were a few really great story beats in this issue... Vath fighting on in the face of great personal tragedy, Guy rallying the various Corps to use a tactic inspired by old Star Trek reruns, and the one that inspired this post: Kyle and Guy coming face-to-reanimated-face with their loved ones, Alex (the woman whose grisly death inspired the "Women in Refrigerators" web site) and the recently-resurrected Ice, who got nabbed by Nekron in Blackest Night #5. A lot of the other Black Lantern-ified heroes have shown up in subsequent issues, but our good friend Tora has been waiting in the proverbial wings... until Guy showed up:

Guy and Tora having a heart-to-heart in low Earth orbit

It seemed a shame to let the opportunity pass, since Tora has come to mean so much to me via my work on her MUGEN character. So here's my version, which may see the light in a future special intro vs Guy:

Black Lantern Ice

Progress continues on Sinestro and Hal Jordan. Any of you that have been following me for a while know that Scruffyversary is right around the corner; it's probably not too much of a stretch to figure out what my contribution is going to be. ;)


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