Saturday, March 20, 2010

You may have noticed that my last post was supposed to have images. You may have wondered why they weren't there. The answer is because my web host is disallowing all hotlinking of my images from anywhere other than my own site ( including my now-hosted-by-Blogspot blog!

Clearly, this is not what I had intended.

For the time being, I'm going to most my more-recent images over to my Photobucket account, or you can hit my real site URL and see the images over there.


Don't worry man it's cool. Us fans of your work understand your situation but we still would like to see you finish those cool characters you have i.e. Sinestro. Keep up the great work o.k..
That's cool. Take your time. Russians usually say "better late then never". So do whatever it takes. We'll be waiting.

Thanks, fellas. Given that next month is our Scruffyversary celebration, I think you can expect to see some news frmo me soon about some of my WIPs. ;)
I am Hno.lobo!
Already you read Green Lantern V.4 N.52?
Is wow!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have much work with your Siniestro mugen char.
Hey, Hno.Lobo! Yep, I've read the awesome GL #52, and it gave me some great ideas. :)

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