"Small" Update

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lately I've been working closely with my friend AngelEcks, creator of the great, recently-released Atom character for MUGEN. I did some testing and helped him through a few thorny patches of code, and this week, he paid me back by giving me an even better shrinking technique than he used in his own code, so my Parasite can do it the "cool" way. That's so incredibly generous of him to give it to me, before he's even had a chance to use it himself! Thanks a ton, man.

Anyway, this is the result of me integrating and modifying that code snippet, with the excellent "atom effect" sprites provided by McCready (again, shared by 'Ecks... McCready made them for him):

Parasite going subatomic
Subatomic Sidestep special

More, as always, coming soon.


Absolutely beautiful work man. :) I'm glad to hear you and X are working together to make both your respective characters better. I wish you luck with everything dude, hope to talk to you later. :)
Thanks, Shock. Y'know, I may have more voice lines for you to do for him soon...
And FireStorm by Jhfer ?
Congratulations for your work!
I hadn't really planned on supporting Firestorm yet, but maybe in the future.
As always, B.
It was my pleasure!

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