April Fool! (2 Days Late :-P)

Saturday, April 03, 2010

As some of you no doubt deduced, the timing of my "I'm retiring" post wasn't an accident. But then, April Fools' Day had to go and play a trick on ME! :-P For a couple of real-life reasons I don't want to go into here, I've been essentially offline for the past two days, and until now, haven't had the chance to log on here or at ScruffyDragon to kick off this year's Scruffyversary event.

So, first of all: no, I'm not retiring. At least not yet; there's still soooo much I want to do. The bit about having a major school deadline is 100% true, though, so I fully expect to drop off the planet for a little while AFTER Scruffyversary is over. Until then, though, we've got some great stuff planned. :D

Secondly: no, Scruffyversary isn't canceled. The email sent out by the forum admins was Magus's April Fool for everyone. Gotcha!

Scruffyversary 2010 has begun!

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Thanks God!
so when do u guys like post stuff up on scruffydragon like wiil you post it uyp today, tommorow, or on the 27th just askin
Having a little trouble with our news feed to the front psge at the moment; you'll need to log in and hit the "portal" link up top.
Animo Buyog, eres el mejor creador de chars MUGEN. Para mi la obra maestra es Parasite, es asombroso. Muchas gracias por alegrar la red con tus creaciones. Estoy ansioso por ver tus nuevas ideas para los chars.

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