Scruffyversary is coming...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Nothing I can show today, because I'm on vacation for a couple of days and only have my netbook (which doesn't have all of my MUGEN work on it). But I have two items of news to share:

  1. I think I've now fixed most of the code and stylesheet problems caused by the move to Blogspot. I'm still not 100% satisfied with the way I'm doing things, but I still think it's better than no updates at all, or (shudder) doing my blog updates by hand.
  2. As in the past several years, April 1st marks the start of our annual Scruffyversary event, marking the anniversary of our ScruffyDragon team's inception. Also as in previous years, we have quite a lot of cool stuff planned. If you read my blog regularly, you can probably guess what some of my contributions will be, and if you participate in the ScruffyDragon forums, you can probably think of a few others (the speculation thread has already started, in fact). Still, notwithstanding all that, I'm pretty confident that we've got some surprises nobody will see coming.

Stay tuned for more news soon. As always, I thank you or your interest in our work. :)

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cant wait !!!!
Lol are you using the new template designer for blogger?
Hello Buyog I'm Hno.lobo!
Blackest Night 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have more work with Hal Jordan Mugen char, another pallet.
White Lantern.
Bye and happy Scruffyversary!
@LnoLobo: Heh, yep, it was awesome.

@DJ-VAN: thanks for the link; this is actually a hand-coded template at the moment, but I like the extra control it gives me in the tradeoff.

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