Snow Day #3 (Another Ice update)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yesterday a reader pointed out that the latest Ice update had a misaligned stance, and sure enough, she does stand several pixels lower than she used to. Apparently this was a regression from the previous release, and I didn't catch it. Rozeros on the ScruffyDragon forums also pointed out that she erroneously was hiding the lifebars during her air medium kick. Then I saw that aa250 at the CVG forum had posted a few minor bugs he had found too. So, I felt like a minor update was needed.

When I got into fixing these bugs, I decided she needed voice clips for taunt and lose-by-timeover, so I added those too. And while I was at it, I knew she was missing her arcade intro, so I finished that up too:

Ice arcade intro

And then I decided that I needed to redo the damage and projectile effects for Iceball and Absolute Zero, to make her more playable and (I hope) balanced. So quite a few changes, actually.

You can get the updated Ice v1.6 on her page.


Another update from Buyog?
It's good to be mugen player :)

Heh... well< I aim to please. ;)
I'm glad you updated ICE. She's much more better now thanx for that update... I can't wait till you finish Sinestro and Hal and everyone else you're working on, so I can download them and play as them. Keep up the good work.

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