Parasite Polishing

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I've been trying to get a release of Parasite out the door. His WIP page now shows one of 4 possible statuses for each of his stolen moves: planned, unfinished, done, and the new one: next. Next means I've got it finished, and it will be in the upcoming Parasite 2.0 release. No idea on the exact release date yet, but I want it to be as soon as possible — no waiting on a ScruffyDragon release party this time around.

Here are a few of the power sets I've been rounding out / finishing up as part of this push:

Parasite introducing Elektra to his shadows
Ninjitsu hyper (Elektra power set)
Parasite giving Dr. Doom a taste of his own Photon Array
Photon Array hyper (Dr. Doom power set)

Look for Parasite 2.0, coming soon(ish?) to a select screen near you. :)


Great News!!! Cant wait for the release!!!
Keep up the excellent work!!!

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