Spoiler Alert - JL: Generation Lost #11

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I figured it was about time to post another Spoiler Alert. Today, let's take a look at that doozy of a last page in Justice League: Generation Lost #11.

Ice has been playing the emotional core of this not-quite-JLI-reunion on the lam from the authorities, trying to reveal Max Lord's evil schemes to the world. I love seeing her show up in stories, especially when she's well handled and fully 3-dimensional, but also taken seriously as a powerful superheroine in her own right (and not just Fire's best friend or Guy Gardner's sometimes girlfriend). In the midst of a fight with a reprogrammed team of Metal Men, she gets smacked down pretty severely (and knocked through a wall, IIRC). When she gets up, clearly angry, she's undergone some sort of (presumably temporary) transformation:

Ice 2.0?

This looked like a good challenge to stretch my spriting skills, since it's been a while since they've really been put to the test. I'm fairly pleased with the result:

New-form Ice sprite

Looking forward to seeing what comes next.


Wow!!! Perfect!!! Will that be in a mode or u will change all her spites with that appearance???
More than likely it'll just be an intro, or possibly a hyper. But not a full-blown mode change; after Hal and Lex, I really don't want to make any more multi-modal characters.
Well its about time.....I mean Fire has been able to become FULL fire for a while now no? Why can't Her partner ice.
Great!!! Hey i notice when i use Crystal in mugen that when she does the amalgam hyper sometimes she freezes until she is hit by the opponent and the icemans ice wave remains on the screen!!!
A hyper sounds good. An intro wouldn't seem to make as much sense.
But a hyper would be cool. :)
She can transform then do some kind of powerful attack. Maybe make it a level 2 hyper, requiring 2 levels of power.
Hey man. Get at me through PM at our site, I have a few questions for you when you get the chance.

Nothing mugen drama, in fact the whole reason I'm dropping you a line here is because I don't want to try and rereg at Scruffy lest I set off any old red flags El Jefe had on my IPs.

A few creator queries is all. Thanks!
ANC: I don't think my account is still any good over at your forum; if it is, I can't remember the login credentials...
About time to Tora to let herself go.

Looks a little like the Ice/Iceman Amalgam.
I'll figure out how to reset your password or something. Gimme a minute. Or just get on msn sometime, I still have you on there.
Hi friend, I love the MUGEN and the DC chars especiality, Ice is my favorite char, I hope the update is the special chram from DC and buyog my respect for you, your work is exellent, nice!!!

I canĀ“t wait for update and kill crystal (marvel chars) jejeje

Thaks and sorry my english in not good...

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