Stealth Mode

Sunday, June 05, 2011

So you haven't seen much from me since the big release of Blackest Night Hal almost 2 months ago (holy cats!!! has it really been that long?!?)

Then some of you probably noticed that this blog (in fact, most of my site) disappeared for a couple of days.

Um, yeah. Sorry about that?

A bundle of things are to blame for this "stealth mode" on my part:

  1. Work and family life both got really busy these past two months
  2. I'm building a chicken coop during most of my free daylight hours (long story, I'll likely go into it on my personal blog at some point in the near future)
  3. I'm building a pretty complex web app in most of my free night hours (I've been trying to get it ready to launch for a few weeks now)
  4. Popcap finally released Plants vs Zombies for Android this week!
  5. I'm also in the middle of a huge, long-overdue overhaul of my entire site
  6. Frankly, the final deathmarch to get Hal ready for release kind of burned my out on MUGEN for a little while there =\

So... lots of reasons, but none of them would have stopped me from at least posting something here sooner to explain what was going on. For that, I offer my apologies, and the promise that I do, in fact, have a few things in the pipeline for the MUGEN public.

Finally, a note on Scruffyversary. I explained back in April that we were moving it to the summer to allow for more lead time on the various projects we're all working on. Today I can announce that this year's Scruffyversary will be in July; not sure if we'll launch on July 1st or wait until the 3rd/4th (which would be the start of the first full week). I'll post more concrete details soon, but for now, know that you have something to look forward to next month.

We'll try to make it worth the wait.

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I think you've earned a little R&R


Glad to see you r alive!

Can t wait for july
Wow!!! I bet there will be great releases in july!!!
Will it last for a month too?
That's the plan, but it'll follow the typical Scruffy event pattern: not a release every day, but several each week, with preview videos and other stuff too. :)
What is the web-app? The Zelda recreation?
Nope, this is something brand new. I've tweeted about it a little, but that's it. (see post title ;))
Cool news!!!

So u have something for Scruffyversery too???
After releasing Hal, you definitely deserve a break. He's one of the top characters available in Mugen now. So thank you.
some of your character i cant download

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