Blackest Night Hal v2.1

Monday, July 25, 2011

My friend AngelusEcks (creator of the awesome Atom MUGEN character) just reminded me that I haven't yet blogged about this (I tweeted about it, so if you follow me on Twitter, you'll already know). Back on July 1st, I uploaded a fix to Blackest Night Hal Jordan that eliminates all of the MUGEN 1.0 bugs, and a few others besides. I also gave him a dedicated character page with the download link, and more details and screenshots of all the custom lantern modes.

Meanwhile, I'm feverishly working on several character releases and updates as part of the Scruffy Dragon Team's Scruffyversary event. Head over to to see all the cool stuff my teammates are doing, and the few new things I'm cranking out in my sleepless nights. I'm going to keep them exclusive to the Scruffy event for the duration, but will have a big post or three to talk about them here when the month is over.

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I noticed that earlier too. Also, of note, the Blackest Night Hal is not in the navigation in the right hand column.

I figured you'd generate the list programmatically, but that may not be the case.
Yeah, the sidebar is generated from a list in a config file, and I needed to add him to that list to get him to show up.
Hey Buyog,

I posted about this before and don't know if anyone else is experiencing it, but when I use BN Hal I (occasionally - so I'm not sure what the cause is) can't jump or move properly with the character. He's not frozen, the system doesn't crash, and he can do his moves, but any attempt to jump results in this weird stutter in the animation and he just doesn't jump. It was in Mugen All Characters Battle Zero for WinMugen, so I tried him in Mugen 1.0 and the same thing happened.

I applied your patch I even tried him on two different computers and had it still occasionally happen - so asking again if you might recognize the problem at all.

Thanks! And really enjoying the Scruffyversary - appreciate the fun you guys are giving me!
@delefresh: yeah, I haven't been able to duplicate exactly what must be happening in your setup. Hopefully I'll figure it out in time for the next release.
Could it have anything to do with team mode? It seems like it happens there and not in single player mode (or I haven't seen it in single player mode, anyways).
I LOVE the character, but it could use a white lantern version as well

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