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Sunday, November 27, 2011

I've got an idea. Might be a good one, might not; I'm not sure yet, but I'm going to go ahead and put this out there and see what y'all think.

As I've mentioned recently, I've got things I still want to accomplish in MUGEN before I fade away, but I'm struggling with motivation and making the time to do them. Looking back at what kept me motivated to finish Blackest Night Hal, my biggest and arguably most ambitious work so far, I remembered the Release Watch posts. This post serves as the first in something similar, but a little more detailed: I'm calling it a Dev Plan. In a nutshell, I'm going to list my development plan for finishing the character, getting them to what I can consider “done.” some of it is coding, some spriting, some is both. All of it is primarily on me, since Daraku and XFields are both apparently busy at the moment.

If this post works to rekindle my enthusiasm for the project (and I hope it does), I plan to continue the series with more Dev Plans for my other still-in-progress WIP characters, so everything's out in the open, no hidden agenda. Today, let's talk about Elektra.

Looking back, I realized that I haven't released a new version of Elektra since Scruffyversary 2009! That's... just sad. Yes, most of my focus last year was on Blackest Night Hal and Parasite (those needy jerks!), but that's no excuse for not giving Ms. Natchios a little love. Here's what her dev plan currently looks like:

  • finish all get-hit animations
  • add parry and/or push-back commands
  • revamp Curse of the Hand projectile sprites
  • intros:
    • skrullektra
    • vs Daredevil
    • vs Wolverine
    • vs Catwoman (DC vs Marvel counterpart)
  • win poses:
    • add transition frame(s) to the current turn-and-pose
    • take a cue from marrow's “perfect” winpose? (e.g, throw a sai at the player)
  • basic attacks:
    • medium crouching kick should slide forward a little
    • do a new medium crouching punch
    • finish animating the hair on strong air kick
    • strong standing kick
  • special attacks:
    • air sai throw
    • spin kick (like Chun-li's)
    • tweak hyper sai throw (better FX, knock-back, recovery time, etc)
  • hyper attacks:
    • finish Ninjitsu (temporary shadow clones)

Hmm. Now that I've listed it all out, I realize that she needs a couple more hypers. Anyone got any bright ideas?

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Omg!!! Thanks for the news!!!
Love the idea and the ideas for Elektra is awesome!!! I waited for long an update of her and i am glad that its on progress!!

Well i recommend a Bullseye special intro among the ones u mentioned!! Moreover:

1. More specials with the katana, daggers and shurikens! U can use them in strong punch(HP)!!
2. show her ability to mesmerize others in some attacks or hypers
3. make an intro where she is wearing the red bandage around her head!!
I'm hno.lobo(Brother wolf)
Thanks for your amazing DC chars (LOBO,LEX LUTHOR,HAL JORDAN, PARASIT).
I have a bug with Parasit to dialing Maximum spider.
You can check that it.
WWOOOOHHHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! FINALLY you're deciding to finish Elektra! I'm so happy for this news and I also hope you get to finish Sinestro eventhough the Blackestnight saga thing is done and over with.
Now you need to have Elektra have some katana attacks and some helpers with daredevil involved. Also have a Hyper with daredevil involved as well. You can also have a hyper with some Hand solders helper Elektra out.
@NX-MEN / anonymous: nice ideas, thanks.

@hno.lobo: parasite's maximum spider move isn't finished yet, hopefully soon.
I suggest a hyper Lv 3 which includes a joint attack with daredevil or sprites the HEROES OF HIRE is ambitious but it would be spectacular.
other serious hyper attack similar to strider Hiryu which generates clones and attack together in the air
use as many female sprite bases as possible to make her look as ORIGINAL as possible!
I think you should try to leave Daredevil out of her moveset (including intros) on the off chance that someone actually manages to make a decent Daredevil. It'd be like if your Invisible Woman had an intro with the other F4 members while you're fighting the Thing or something
@Sarge: agreed, to the extent that I can make it look right. That's a talent XFields and others have way more than me.

@Anon: I see where you're coming from, but I see nothing wrong with coding other potential characters like Daredevil into an intro if the code only runs when she's not fighting against them in-game. ;)

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