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Monday, August 08, 2011

I recognize that not everyone that reads my blog also checks on a regular basis, and not everyone is registered over there, so can't get the downloads section anyway. I get it.

That said, most of you, Scruffy members or not, know that this past month we've been celebrating the annual "Scruffyversary" event, marking the anniversary of our domain and team identity as the Scruffy Dragons. It's usually an excuse to show off new stuff, preview upcoming projects, provide new downloads, and so on. This year has been, I think, even more eclectic than usual (certainly more freeform in its schedule :-p), showing just how wide-ranging our interests as a team truly are. Really, you owe it to yourself to go check it out if you haven't.

With all of that said, my part of the month's festivities involved updates to a couple of my previously-released characters, and a preview alpha of one that's been on my back burner for a very long time: Susan Storm Richards, aka the Invisible Woman. These new downloads were all Scruffy-exclusive for the duration of the Scruffyversary event, but I've now updated them here as well. Check out these links to see the new stuff, and grab the new downloads:

I also shared a video (taken by Magus; alas, my current MUGEN computer can't record video) of the updates I'm working on for Strong Guy, based on a bunch of new stuff McCready sent me a few months ago. Should be ready for release sometime soon:

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pretty good event you guys put on,
was nice to see all the progress that has been made,

Good work.

Best scruffyversary ever! I am going to have a lot of fun with your chars but...

what about Flash??
Flash? Who said anything about Flash? ;)
Oh no!!

Am I getting psycothic!?!?delirious!?
Check your signuture in Scruffy!!!
Wow es inreible. Me gustan mucho. Parasite es el mejor, a mi me gusta mucho.
Where are you???
I want moooooore...
I am sorry, I had to say that. I guess I am becoming adicted to Mugen releases...

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