Elektra beta

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Elektra beta

Continuing the Scruffyversary over at our Scruffy Dragon game development forum, today I'm releasing an updated beta of Elektra. Compared to the alpha I released last year, she's now got:

  • 4 specials & 1 hyper

  • 2 intros and 1 winpose

  • all get-hits and basic attacks (although a few are clone moves for the moment)

  • decent, but not killer, AI (she tends to spam her projectiles, actually =P)

Would have liked to have done more, but I've got a lot of moving pieces in my life right now and Daraku (my sprite-making partner on this character) is busy with other projects, so this was the most I could get done and feel good about.

Get the new Elektra beta on her page, or over in the release thread at SD.

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she also spams combos as well.

it's pretty good though, still needs minor tweaks in gameplay. not sure what you guys have planned. make sure to have her be challenging, but not overwhelming, almost like Wonder Woman is..yikes

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