Sinestro Alpha 2 Released

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sinestro Alpha 2

As part of Scruffyversary's Villain Week, I wanted to share with you the latest version of Sinestro, which I'm calling Alpha 2.

As an alpha release, Sinestro's still got quite a lot of missing stuff, but from the beginning he's been a public WIP, so he gets released in very raw form whenever there's new stuff worth sharing:

  • added fwd/back dashes & effects

  • added standing hard kick

  • new special: Chains of Despair

  • new hyper: Needle Storm

  • added guard animations & shield effects

  • added standing and crouching get-hit animations

Be warned that he is still pretty raw: he's still missing his thrown and falling sprites, as well as basic attacks when crouching and jumping. It's still very much "early days" with this guy, so if you have some great ideas you think would fit, feel free to let me know via email or the ScruffyDragon forum.

Go get him on his page.

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