Promising character updates

Friday, May 15, 2009

As I mentioned earlier today, there have been some pretty cool things happening with my in-progress characters in the past few weeks. Here are a few of them:

New Thing 1

* I recently received an email from Jet the Phoenix with a very generous gift, and a great idea. The gift was a large subset of Parasite's sprites, edited to include the white stripes that his modern incarnation usually sports:

parasite striped sprites

The idea was for a very sophisticated "smart palette" for Parasite, which would enable me to not only have the green shorts and white stripes versions, but a ton of other character-inspired variations as well:

parasite smart palette

Shortly after JtP sent me this stuff, I shared it with my friend and talented sprite artist Sei, and completely unsolicited, she generously sent me a new, more aggressive stance for Parasite, using the smart palette JtP had designed!

parasite new palette

New Thing 2

* In another unsolicited and generous offer, Sei sent me this new stance animation for Lobo, which I will be adapting to the character soon:

Lobo stance remix

New Thing 3

* Lots of people have been sending me their ideas for Sinestro moves. Some have been really good, and I'm looking for ways to incorporate them into the character. No screenshot this time, but trust me when I say he's looking pretty promising.

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