Hal as Blue/Green Lantern

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hal Jordan, Bluish-Green Lantern
Blue (?) Lantern Hal Jordan pwns John Stewart

Here's the fourth palette idea I've had for our Hal Jordan character to commemorate the Blackest Night crossover. It reflects Hal's status during the recent Agent Orange story arc: Blue Lantern Saint Walker had placed a blue ring on Hal's finger to purge the poison of the red ring that had overpowered him, and the blue ring was "overclocking" the green ring, but it seemed the two were constantly fighting for control. So.... the palette will actually be a mix of blue and green elements, not straight blue.

This palette will not only look different, but will also behave differently than red, orange, and yellow... since it's mostly defensive, rather than changing his attacks it'll affect him in other ways:

  • Custom intro and win/lose poses
  • Powerbar quickly recharges whenever you're idle for a short time

  • Special and hyper moves cost half as much power as normal (since I can't give you a "200%" power bar ;))
  • Defense stats will be slightly higher, meaning he'll take a bit less damage than normally
  • Moves are occasionally blocked/missed/interrupted by the ring asking "what do you hope for?" (heh)

So, mostly positive benefits, but at the risk of your high-power combo attack getting cut off by the overbearing ring. Seems like a fair tradeoff. >:)

Next up, indigo!


OMG wow you have really out done your self now lol when do u think youll release him cuz i can not wait anymore lol i like how u added the blue arms and legs but i think you should have mixed the colors like green on one side and blue on the other lol that would have been good but i still like him i even like how the ring stops your attack to ask what do you hope for lol but i think you should have changed his logo on his chest lol
"Special and hyper moves cost half as much power as normal (since I can't give you a "200%" power bar ;))"

Yeah, that's what I thought...
It's almost impossible to do a constant-flowing Blue/Green palette, isn't it?

Anyway, is pretty damn cool,
lol yeah cant wait to play with so when do u think the release is o and dont for get to see the new dc animated movie superman/batman public enimes lol i already have it lol
lol, I love the idea of the ring stopping you and asking "What do you hope for?"
I love the fact you're going for the "Turquoise Lantern" angle (as I've heard some fans call it). Great job on Hal.
@paw: heh, yeah, thanks.
there could be a big flash when the ring says, "what do you hope for?" but no damage by explosion
I say saint walker should be a playable character (hes got a tentacle head teehee)
@Anon: a few friends and I are working on something along those lines. Atrocitus & Larfleeze too, if all goes well -- but of course I need to finish Hal & Sinestro first. <_<

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