Hal Jordan: Indigo Palette Tweak

Saturday, January 30, 2010

In the comments thread for my previous post, Matiax suggested I try making Hal "show a litle more skin" in his Indigo Lantern mode. My initial reply was that I couldn't, really, because bearing his chest, arms, and legs would be WAY too much skin. (See below for proof). But the smart palette I was working with used the same color for the upper arms and legs, so I couldn't bare his arms without also bearing his legs... ick (this is also the reason I'm not doing an official Star Sapphire palette for Hal... ew.)

So, I opened up Paint Shop Pro and tried separating the arms from the legs, and giving him pants with a bare chest and arms. And you know what? I like it quite a bit. I also inverted the colors on his chest symbol to look more like an Indigo Tribe tattoo, and bam! I think we have a winner. What do y'all think?

A few alternate palette choices for Indigo Lantern Hal


Cool! And black pants, indigo boots and gloves/wristbands? (A little like Blue/Green) So he's not too much naked upthere. Shoulders must be too complicated.

Thanks for considering my suggestion. I hope it was not too hard to do it.

PS: The middle one is Stripper Hal XD
Yes the Pallet on the right looks much better. probably would look a little better if you'd add the indigo color to his forearm like gauntlets. As for the Star Sapphire pallet, the first one and the last one look the best.
yeah ! it's a way better like that^^
I feel like the legs should be a different color from the crotch and boots.

Maybe brown? That seems to be the Indigo Tribe's other color.
wow he does look better. i think he should have like brown boots and wristbands and probably some lines from his arms and chest also is he going to have a staff or just use the ring.
Hmm... I'll see about adding some tan/brown. Thanks, guys. :)
a boyog about hal being a yellow lantern i think he should just be parallax right i mean hes been parallax twice now lol
@shadoku: yeah, the thought had crossed my mind. We'll see.
The one on the right works very well, better than the old one, it just looks weird with no pants. :P
@Twinimage: haha, yeah.
Not a bad idea to make something like Guy Gardber Warrior-style, but the 1st one is the best imho. Maybe better stick with him?

P.S. Still nice to see that u working on Hal. :)

(aka Mugen fan from Russia)
@Mffr: Hmm, I think I'll have to provide both palettes so people can just use the one they want for that slot.
does he REALLY HAVE to be kinda naked? seriously man...that's creepy

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