Snowed in!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

My family and I have been enjoying the nearly 2 feet of snow we've gotten over the past few days, the biggest winter storm this part of the country has seen in decades. In honor of the occasion, I felt like updating Ice. So here's her fourth hyper... Ice Missles:

Ice Missles hyper
Ice Missles hyper

Still working on Parasite and Hal Jordan. I'll have more to say about one or both of them next week. But until then, you can download and enjoy Ice's update here.


wow havent downloaded anything from u in a while lol nice update to ice cant wait till blackest night 6 then after the blackest night comes the brightest day lol
Hell Yeah! Perfect update!

Not a perfect update sir, ice's position is different is missaligned regarding second player, check it, and congrats for ur great job, am a big fan of ur chars sir
@Anon: not sure what you mean re: the misalignment. Can you send me a screenshot?

can u see the lines i drew, the position, ice seems to be a lil more down, and it not hapenned with previous ice, and its not only with thids gouki, that all, ice is a nice char and u rock dude
Ah, I see what you mean. Looks like that was introduced when I added the new stance sprites. Thanks for the catch. :)
no problem :), Good, now Ice looks good, how u fixed that, i have couple chars with same problem
I had to go into the SFF and AIR files and move them down manually, using the onion skin function to align them with the other moves. Not too tough with FighterFactory.
Damn, Ok, i knew it, thanx a lot bro, if i find something else, ill tell u!
Excellent, I appreciate bug reports as well as positive (i.e. "it roxx") feedback. Thanks. :)

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