Snow Day #2

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Well, the snow plow finally came down our street today, and we were able to leave our neighborhood for the first time in several days... but we've under another winter storm warning tomorrow and Wednesday, so I've got another free day off. In commemoration of this unprecedented occasion, tonight I've finished Parasite's Iceman-based power set:

Parasite's Ice Boulder special
Ice Boulder special
Parasite's Arctic Attack hyper
Arctic Attack hyper

I still have a few more things to tweak, fix, and finish before v2.0 Release Candidate 2 is ready for download (yes, it is taking longer than I expected), but this put me one big step closer. Huzzah for snow days!


I do not know if you already know about these errors, but when I was playing against him in "training" I found these bugs
I thank you for your dedication to make comic fans dreams worldwide come true. I can say without doubt that you've inspired me to try my hand at creating a character. Again, thank you, the Scruffydragons and every mugen creator for what you do.
@Luis: Thanks for the report, I actually knew about those issues and I think I've got them addressed in the version I'm working on to release soon.

@Ryo: I'm glad you're enjoying our stuff. That's the reason I do this: not for the recognition, but to share a fun hobby with others. :)
Sweet! And he freezes his hand too!

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