Spoiler Alert - Green Lantern #58

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Huzzah! It's time for the weekly Spoiler Alert! I just finished reading Green Lantern #58, where we finally meet the human host of the Blue Lantern's hope entity, Adara. Click through to see what else the issue revealed.

Hal Jordan was briefly deputized into the Blue Lantern Corps back during the runup to Blackest Night, but the entire time, his blur and green rings were at odds with each other. That's why his custom mode in the upcoming release is a blue/green hybrid as well. In the latest issue, however, Adara reveals to Hal that she senses hope inside of him, and in doing so, briefly illuminates him in a fully-blue lantern costume:

Blue Lantern Hal Jordan

The effect is short, just this one panel; nevertheless, it made me want to craft a fully-blue palette for my Blackest Night Hal Jordan WIP:

Blue Lantern Hal Jordan sprite

In fact, I've been toying with the idea of expanding Hal's custom modes to include a full-blue mode as well as the currently-planned blue/green combination.

But then again, I probably have enough on my plate as it is. :^)


That's awsome man, i actually thought of you'r project when i read this issue and wondered if you would do this. anyways keep up the good work =)

p.s. willing to give us an update on ur WIP? still far from done or gettin close? I CANT WAIT =P but take ur time
Love the full blue palette!!! You can make an intro with Adara transforming Hal to blue lantern!!!
Maybe you should reconsider the palette of blue/green Hal. I mean, in the comic looks more like "light blue"

I'd love a full-blue Hal, but maybe this can be an intro.
Is there any interest in including a White Lantern mode or Palette?
Next post will be an update on Hal's progress. White Lantern mode possible, but not definite.
All of the Hal Jordan's pallets are looking great. I can't wait until you release his updated version so I can download him like that and I can use him. I can't wait until you finish Sinestro (He's my favorite Lantern villian), so I can finally see how great he is in his final version. Keep up the great work o.k..

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