Fade to Black...

Monday, November 01, 2010

So, Halloween weekend has come and gone. Saturday, my kids finally talked me into reading Blackest Night with them... there's something about the Rainbow Corps versus the Manipulative Zombie Jerks that really connects with them. :)

Anyway, tonight while I should have been sleeping, I was thinking about Black Lantern Hal, and felt like I should break out the laptop and do his stance (which is really just a variation on his normal Green Lantern stance, but with an evil grin). While I was at it, I added the new sprites ArmageddoN sent me for the Indigo stance (way better than my original frankensprite, as usual!):

Black Lantern Hal and Indigo Tribe Hal face off in Coast City's ruins

That last statement bears elaboration: this past week, Arma and I got to talking over PMs at the ScruffyDragon forum. He's been helping me with these custom Corps animations all along, and he's doing some really awesome GL-themed pixel art of his own lately too, so he's offered to come on board as my official partner for finishing Blackest Night Hal! (of course I accepted ;)) So he's going through and cleaning up the sprites that weren't done by Arque to make them better fit his style, and together we're going to get this guy finished that much sooner, since now I can get back to focusing on the code. I'm excited.


Me gusta mucho los colores de Black Lantern Hal y el aura que le rodea. Va a ser el mejor char de Mugen junto a Parasite. Eres el mejor Buyog.
Thanks for the News!!! We are excited too!!!!! How many colours will Hal have???
Thanks, guys. @nx-men: The current plan is to have 6 regular Green Lantern modes, and 6 custom modes (red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, and black). See this post for details: http://buyogslair.blogspot.com/2010/08/balancing-hal.html
Great work
black lantern, although being a slighty version of normal lantern, is really captiving :D

for indigo frame, he lack some muscular lines.. could it be an ARMA's lapse?
for details, a pic (link):
Hmm, you're right. I'm sure the final version will be cleaned up, though. Thanks for making sure we knew. :)
Haha, yeah you are right, ma<ybe i didnt noticed it beacuse of all the color separations xD ,, I will fix that when i got the time, thanks huge ;)


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