[Release Watch] Hal Jordan, Day 2

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Continuing the countdown to Blackest Night Hal Jordan's release. Here's what I did last night:

  • finished sprite work on custom winpose for Blue Lantern (smart-paletted version of a winpose SethZankuten made for the official DCvsMarvel version)

Beta issues resolved: 54 of 66
Bugs remaining: 12

Tonight I'm going to finish up the coding for the winpose, and dig into some of the remaining 12 issues. Probably a few of the balance-related issues: things like push-back, damage levels, that sort of thing. At least, until I fall asleep. ;)

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How are you keeping track of these bugs, do you have a spreadsheet or something?

If so, it may make more sense to have it as a public Google-Doc.
good luck, B
Thanks, Ecks. And a Google-Doc spreadsheet, huh Anonymous? Not a bad idea...

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