[Release Watch] Hal Jordan, Day 4+

Saturday, March 12, 2011

So this cold/flu thing I picked up early in the week got worse... I stayed home from work Thursday and took an early out Friday, and slept a lot. Nevertheless, I did crack open Blackest Night Hal Jordan's code, and finished all the remaining issues with Indigo Lantern mode:

  • Indigo Hal now taunts/charges his ring with his staff instead of a lantern: Indigo Lantern Hal Jordan charging his ring with the staff
  • fixed: AI could trigger IL teleport in midair (new issue not previously logged)
  • fixed: P2 could sense IL's teleport destination before he appeared (new issue)
  • fixed: when in a corner, the IL Enforced Empathy hyper now backs away from the wall, since he sometimes went off the screen before

Beta issues resolved: 58 of 68
Bugs remaining: 10

We're well into the weekend now... a time when I tend to get less MUGEN work done than during the week, oddly enough. So we'll see if I have anything new to report tonight/tomorrow.

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Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to Blackest Night Hal Mr. Buyog,on behalf of all those pestering cretin forgive them for insisting on release your creation constantly....

only ten days for release! excellent job buyog.
I wouldn't call people "cretins" just because they're excited about my work, LS. But thanks for the words of encouragement, both of you. :)

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