Friday, February 22, 2013

So I got a message from a friend the other day, talking about how mistreated he felt he'd been on a prominent MUGEN forum he helped to promote and popularize.

I can't say I was surprised, knowing what I do about the guys that call the shots over there, but it still gives me a headache.

I think part of the reason I haven't been active in the MUGEN community for a while now is because of exactly this sort of drama. Why is it that the Internet amplifies people's bad characteristics? I mean, have you ever met a person in real life that behaves half as badly as a YouTube comment troll?

Anyway, I won't name names, but the forum formerly linked in my sidebar, which was only there for the sake of my friend, has been removed. It's the least I could do.

On a happier note -- it looks like I'll be having more free time to work on Parasite and Mandarin soon. So there's that to look forward to. :)

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Looking forward for Mandarin and an update on Parasite or Elektra!!

From the topic above i keep only the last 2 lines where u mention Parasite and Mandarin!!

As for the rest, its good to hear more opinions because the whole mugen community "hates" your friend and he is permabanned in many forums for causing drama(in 4 of the main mugen forums)!!!

In addition u have to know that he even talks shit about your home site in private!!!

I know that maybe my msg might not be posted but at least i will transmit u the point of my msg!!

Hope to hear more from Mandarin and Parasite soon!!! :)
I can't help but wish that people would just get along. Sometimes it just takes one misconstrude comment, or something even worse to make something go from bad to a just plain nightmare. :(

It really doesn't matter who really starts it, cause it effects the whole community afterwards and that's just sad. All we can try to do is move forward and hope for the best. That and realize that mugen is a hobbie, not a job.

Anyway, I'm glad you now have some free time to work on some of your other WIPS, that's always a good thing. Hopefully you will include your Flash to, (not because I'm a big Flash fan, but because I'm working on updating Jay Garrick a whole bunch to Omega Level)!

Well, best of luck to you Buyog, wish you all the best with your wips.

seriously, i have been following the mugen scene since 2001. your friend seems to be one of the greatest trolls I have ever encountered in the mugen community. he manipulates, he threatens and he spams other users. just check some of the topics at mfg about his behavings.

I'm NOT affiliated with any forum at all, just a great fan of fighting game projects and sprite art in general. I am a big fan of your work and the SD (you can check my profile there). The best way to avoid drama is to stop mentioning it or giving the people who are always trying to cause it a voice.
Hey there. I see the internet is being stupid again, huh. As I said before, there's nothing you can do other than ignore the assholes the web/world is full of. The cowards indeed behave worse under their anonimity cloaks, so it will be like that here.
Other than that, it's good to see you're still onto this stuff. Mandarin sounds good, and what you're doing with parasite (the whole "a power from each marvel and dc char" thing) is pretty impressive.
I wish I'd see some more stuff on Green Lantern characters, I love em cause they have infinite potential for variety. But don't let my comment influence you, if anything, what you guys must get from the internet is inspiration and encouragement.
Good luck with your projects.
And, as I should have expected, this entry brought out the trolls something fierce. Still debating if I should delete their comments, or approve them and let them prove my point.

Look, here's the bottom line, at least for me: I don't care what people in the MUGEN community think of me anymore, or about the people I choose to consider friends. I don't care about what happens in private forums that I'm not privy to. My point still stands: people on the Internet can be real pricks to each other, and I'm tired of it. This isn't me trying to start a flame war, this is me saying I'm not going to play that game anymore.

And if you come on my blog and start acting like a douche, expecting that you can shame me into putting a stupid effing HYPERLINK back in the sidebar, you're smoking some pretty powerful weed, and wasting both your time and mine.
There is a documentary on Netflix called "Indie Game: The Movie". One of the Indie developers followed in the documentary was talking about all the hate and trolling he gets from people who are waiting for his game to be finished and they showed some screen shots of the flames. It just seems like it's something that will always be there that each person has to learn to rise above. If you're the mighty corporate Capcom, a small developer like Elecbyte or Random Joe on the internet, if you make any attempt to share a piece of yourself on the internet then there will exist some element to attack that piece you shared.
just ignore and let me know how i can help you on Mandarin :)
Thanks, guys. Yes, I realize the person that prompted this action hasn't always been my biggest fan, nor has he always behaved well online, but who of us has? And unlike the several commenters on this post that I've chosen not to publish, he's at least made the attempt to be civil. I'd hardly describe him as "one of the biggest @$$holes in the MUGEN community" (which is how at least one commenter described him), because there are plenty of more-deserving candidates for that title. <_<

Also, to those who have argued that I'm creating more drama just by posting this: um, get a life. My blog is not that highly read, nor am I so highly-thought-of in the community, that what I say here has any effect on the community at large. In case you haven't noticed, Scruffy is all but retired at this point, and I haven't been a spokesperson for the team in over a year anyway. So, yeah. If you don't like what I have to say here on my personal blog, don't read it.

@ZV: the frankenspriting work is what's killing me the most on Mandarin. Wanna help?