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Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Yeah, not so much for Christmas... this may as well be a Groundhog Day release! =P I know that I said a few weeks ago that any additional releases I made in January as belated parts of our 12 Days of Christmas event would get sarcastic titles like "on the 36th day of Christmas," but I managed to drag the polishing and beta cycle into February, so here we are. :-\ (note: I do still have two more holiday gifts, which I'll blog about soon)

Anyway, after a couple of weeks of beta testing with McCready and a few of my other ScruffyDragon teammates (thanks, guys), I'm proud to present Strong Guy 2.0! He's been almost completely restructured from bottom to top, with new sounds, effects, intros & outros, attack chains, and special & hyper moves:

'Up You Go' special
"Up You Go!" anti-air special
Spinning Piledriver hyper
Spinning Piledriver hyper
X-Factor Attacks hyper
X-Factor Attacks hyper
Megaton Fury hyper
Megaton Fury hyper

Here's the (abridged) change set from his readme file:

* 1 Feb 2012: v2.0
  - revamped all basic attacks (changed the chain order, timings, etc)
  - MUGEN 1.0 compatibility
  - new voice samples
  - new intro w/ Lila Cheney
  - new KO animation (heart attack if KO'ed by health loss due to kinetic overload)
  - new "nearly heart attacked" winpose
  - new lose / draw game animations
  - new round-end effects (especially if winning by hyper)
  - heavily tweaked combo code
  - tweaked Touchdown hyper damage, movement, timing and kineticE effects
  - new special: Up You Go (anti-air) (F,D,DF + P)
  - new hyper: Spinning Piledriver (F,DF,D + PP)
  - new hyper: X-Factor Attacks (QCB + P and K of equal strength)
  - new hyper: Megaton Fury (F,DF,D + KK)

Anyway, we hope you enjoy him, and as always, feel free to let us know (here or over at Scruffy) if you find any bugs or unexpected behavior.

You can get Strong Guy v2.0 here, on his page.

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You forgot to disable the debug command for X-Factor Attacks... -_-
@Snake: d'oh! Good catch. Just uploaded a fix to that and a minor tweak to Spinning Piledriver that got left unsynced in my Dropbox.
Now that I've fixed that and actually gotten to play with him a bit... Excellent work. It's the sound that makes the most difference to me, though the MSHvsSF (or whatever) win screens are great too.

That said, Megaton Fury is broken. The laser beam does not hit if you use it in the corner, and if the first hit kills the opponent, rather than the explosion, the match does not end properly. X-Factor Attacks can also keep going a little gratuitously after an early death from the football, but it doesn't execute the full thing and the match ends properly, so it doesn't really matter.

I don't mean to be a dick, but I expected to thing to be tested after all this wait.
Do you work in a QA department somewhere? ;)

The problem is that most people don't have an exhaustive bug-finding mentality for this kind of stuff. Megaton and X-Factor were both QUITE thoroughly tested (that's most of what the past two weeks have been), and in most cases, both work as designed. "Broken", I think, is overstating things quite a bit. (Now if we were talking about half of Parasite's hypers, on the other hand, I wouldn't hesitate to use that term!)

The things you mention are corner cases -- uncommonly occurring, low-impact glitches (o noes, the win state took a few extra seconds to come up!), and easily fixable. I'm not a perfect being from Krypton, blessed with bug-free characters, so if that's what you were expecting, I'm sorry to disappoint you. Thanks for reporting the glitches you've found; I've added them to my list of things to patch in a few days, once I've given other people a few days to report stuff.
A few extra seconds? Not at all, I wouldn't bitch about that. It didn't work for me, period. It just hung there indefinitely. I consider that 'broken', because it prevents the game from continuing. I honestly didn't spend that much time in it, I just noticed win screens being a thing and thought I'd see one, and shift+F2'd P2's life away, then the entire thing hung after killing him with the initial hit. Stating it again, for the record: The match did not end at all, no matter how long I waited.

And no, I don't, I'm in school at present, but I think I'd be bloody brilliant at it. But in all seriousness, I only had the thing running for 5-10 minutes, I'm not sitting here with a fine toothed comb cackling and leering over your output. I just jumped in versus (I test things in versus rather than training because it's possible to trigger low-life moves in it) and tried to see all the new things.

Oh, and having someone in a corner is 'uncommonly-occuring, low-impact'? Seriously? It's sort of a key part of any fighting game, isn't it? When it only does a tiny fraction of the damage it should based on where you are on the screen (the explosion) that seems to be a pretty large problem to me as well. Not as large as the match flat-out breaking, I'll grant you, but pretty large all the same.
I just reread my earlier comment, and it seems I was just vague as all hell, so my apologies for the tone in the comment I submitted a second ago, it was my fault for miscommunicating. Hopefully what I just said makes it a lot clearer what I was talking about, and hopefully you don't bite my head off for biting your head off.

If I did work in a Q/A department, that shitty feedback would have gotten me fired. :P

Oh, and on that note, I'm using 1.0. Just in case that matters.
Hey, no worries, it's easy to misinterpret someone's tone over the Internet. I'm not offended that you're taking an interest in making my work better, to the contrary, I want to resolve the issues you're finding. I just didn't think when I reproduced your reported bugs in my own 1.0 versus tests (I dev the same way you test, it seems) that either was a showstopper (for the record, I like the way the Sentinel explosion is almost an after-the-fact "insult to injury" kind of a thing, rather than artificially pinning P2 to the ground until it triggers). When I tested the Megaton bug, the round did end after a few extra seconds of hang time, hence my reaction.

On that note, I've tweaked a couple of the hitdefs for those hypers so that premature-KO problems like these should go away, and uploaded them in this patch. If you wanted to test & verify they make the problems go away (the Megaton-in-a-corner problem is a little trickier to fix, so it's not included): http://buyog.com/MUGEN/zip/StrongGuy2_patch1.zip
Hey Buyog!!! Thanks for the release!!! Love his new update!!!

I know that it has some bugs but i also know that u are their bugkiller!!! lol!!! Looking forward to see the Sinestro update now with lot of anticipation!!!
Giving it a shot now, but for the corner thing, it seems like it would be easiest to make Guido flip back to the far side of the screen if he doesn't pass through the opponent rather than mess with the sentinel. I have no idea how difficult that would be to code, but it seems like anything else would require messing with sprites.

The match still takes AGES to end after Megaton Fury, but that's not a game-breaking problem. I'll grant you that it's possible that I just didn't wait long enough for it before. What it seems you've done, though, is only make the explosion kill them. This is in itself a problem because of something else I've noticed: If you perform Megaton Fury either ALMOST in a corner, or from around a full screen away (so that after passing through the opponent, Guido is on the other side, but right next to him) the shockwave hits twice, and the opponent does not get up in time for the explosion to hit him, resulting in this case in the entire move not doing any damage to a one-hit-from-dead opponent.

X-Factor Attacks looks a lot better, though that was just a cosmetic thing, really. Pietro and Rahne still come out, it just looks like that's intended now. Also, not even sure if I should mention this, but I somehow managed to knock the opponent over the first time I tried this, so Pietro just sort of ran in place at his feet until he got up. I haven't been able to reproduce it, though, so don't worry about it.

Oh, and I'm doing all my testing against an enemy Guido as well, if that's relevant. :P

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