[Release Watch] Sinestro, Day 1

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Now that I'm all but done with Strong Guy 2.0 (expect a release very soon), it's time to turn my attention back to Sinestro 1.0, so welcome to my next Release Watch!

Late last year I posted a Dev Plan for Sinestro. That, plus a few other things I've since added to the plan, will form the outline I'll be tracking here:

Sinestro 1.0 progress

Dev Plan

  • forward jump
  • backward jump
  • taunt
  • new intro: oath scene from Sinestro Corps War #1
  • new intro: ???
  • new win pose: stand & laugh over P2
  • lose / draw game animations
  • add missing basic attacks:
    • crouching weak punch
    • crouching medium punch
    • crouching weak kick
    • crouching medium kick
    • at least one throw
  • add "powered" versions (with constructs) for basic attacks that don't have them yet:
    • crouching light punch
    • crouching medium punch
    • crouching hard punch
    • crouching light kick
    • crouching medium kick
    • crouching hard kick
    • air light punch
    • air medium punch
    • air hard punch
    • air light kick
    • air medium kick
    • air hard kick
  • special attacks to be done:
    • Morningstar
    • Armored Assault (low-damage Psycho Crusher style move)
  • hyper attacks:
    • Sinestro Corps (helper gang attack)
    • Parallax Unleashed
    • Master of Fear (yellow core hyper assist)


  • sound for standing hard punch sometimes doesn't play
  • Tweak basic attack damage to be stronger with the constructs
  • Launcher needs superjump follow
  • no landing sound on jump
  • hair gray streak in most palettes should be toned down
  • teeth in most sprites should be white, not yellow/green/gray
  • falling axes in Fall Before Me don't have hitsparks
  • cpunch3 and taunt constructs need to be folded into the core palette so they can be recolored
  • Some animations need collision boxes:
    • 240 (skick2)
    • 260 (skick3)
    • 660 (akick3)
    • 1120 (deadly stare end)

Completed tasks: 9 of 29
Fixed bugs: 3 of 9
Total tasks remaining: 26

Still a lot to do, but my ScruffyDragon teammate Bizarro Toro is helping a lot. I'll show off some of his contributions soon.

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Great news!!! The plan looks great!!

Any special intro against Hal, Guy, John or Kyle???
Oh, neat! I wasn't sure this was still coming, after how long Guido took. :D
nice, im loving this release watch posts, looks like it helps you to keep motivated, im right?

i have one wip from yellow corps, if you want, just ask what sprites you need for that corps hyper.

best luck.
Thanks, everyone. @nx: custom intros are a possibility, sure. @snake: yeah, Guido took a lot longer to polish than I expected, he's nearly a rewrite in a lot of ways. @zv: cool, thanks... I may very well take you up on that offer. :)
This is AWESOME GREAT News!!!! FINALLY Sinestro is going to be worked on. WOOHHOOO!!! Thanks Ryan your the best. I also can't wait until you release Strong Man because I would like to use him. Now back to Sinestro... I hope you make him react to all the lanterns that are out for MUGEN or at least the ones that YOU made YOURSELF. Also you should make as regular helpers that one of his teammates come in and help and of course as for a HYPER all of them join in and beat up the opponent and then Sinestro himself finish off the HYPER move. If I have anymore I'll let you know RYAN. Again I'm so happy that your working on him.
I really love your release watches. I wish more developers would do that. Best of luck with everything!

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