Strong Guy 2.1

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Yesterday Snakebyte and Oldboy alerted me to a couple of playability issues with our recent Strong Guy release. I've updated the download to address these problems, so you'll probably want to grab the new version from his page.

Change list

* 2 Feb 2012: v2.1
  - minor patch release to address bugs reported in 2.0
  - Megaton Fury and X-Factor Attacks both prevent premature KOs now (which can cause weird end-of-round timing issues) (thanks, Snakebyte!)
  - Megaton Fury now works properly when triggered in a corner (thanks again, Snakebyte!)
  - fixed victory portrait & added win quotes (thanks, oldboy!)


Everything related to KOs, perfectly fixed, even the explosion timing. I'm not gonna lie, I did a little cheer.

One problem still remains though (Sorry!). Your corner fix made Guido jump back too far, and now the shockwave doesn't connect. Easy fix, I hope? :P

That aside, great job, and thanks for getting to this so quickly!
Hmm, still works for me, but I'll try it with more and different-er stages and see if I can refine it a bit.
Good call, definitely a stage issue. I found one, Gotham City Airfield (I think it's an Unlimited stage?) that it works fine on. None of the others I've tried have worked, yet, though. I've got 60 stages, and they're almost all either Unlimited, Scruffy, Project X, or SHADES 2. Went through them more or less at random, and t--Wait, no, Star City and Stryker's Gate 6, probably also Unlimited, work too.

Odd. Guido seems to be able to walk, and consequently stand, slightly off-stage in just about everything else I've tried. In those three stages, assuming we're talking about the right wall, the back of his elbow lines right up with the edge of the screen. In all the others, you can back up like one step further so that the beginning of the elbow crease is where it cuts off. Is this just bad stage coding, maybe? I don't know stages at ALL.
Hey Buyog!!! Tested your char!!! It works perfect but found a bug . While i was fighting again your Lex Luthor char, Lex beat Strong Guy but instead of falling in the ground String Guy kept standing!!! Unfortunatelly i dont have screenshot so i just narrated u what it happend!
@Snake: thanks for the info, I'll test it a little more and see what I can figure out. For now though, I think I may call it good enough to move on to Sinestro. :hmm:

@NX: weird. Does that happen every time, or did it just do that once?
Took a peek in the code.

[State 3600, move fwd]
type = VelSet
triggerall = Cond(NumTarget > 0, (target, BackEdgeBodyDist < 20), 1)
trigger1 = MoveContact
x = -16

I changed the x = -16 to x = -8. No idea if this is a SANE fix, but it seems to work, or at least, I couldn't break the move after making the change.

Just leaving this here in case anyone reading the blog had the same problem and wanted it fixed. Making the hitbox (and possibly the sprite) a bit bigger would presumably do the job too, but that sounds FAR too much like work.

tl;dr: Here's a fix, go Sinestro go!
i try to use him on winmugen and this happens:
error invalid trigger: cond
error parsing triggerall
error parsing (state 3600, movefwd)
error (StateDef 3600)
error in
whats wrong?
Only once so far!
@Anon: yeah, that trigger doesn't work in winmugen unfortunately. I need to figure out another way to do that move that doesn't need cond to work right; meanwhile, you can edit and replace the line that says "triggerall = cond(target, ...)" and replace "Cond" for "IfElse".
thanks. i will try it.

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