What's Next? (Part 2 of 2)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I got some good response to Part 1 of my "what's left to do with my MUGEN characters" update. Here's the rest.

  • Savage Hulk
    • MUGEN 1.0 compatibility
    • need to incorporate SethZ's balance/changes
    • New/improved moves:
      • Gamma Tornado (spin-around-the-head throw)
      • Counter
      • Gamma Charge
      • Push-block
      • Tank Smash hyper -- Hulk reaches offscreen, grabs the barrel of a nearby tank, and starts beating the snot out of P2
      • Hulk Crush -- Hulk superjumps off screen, grabs a passing jet, and drops it on his opponent (MASSIVE damage, MONSTROUS lag)
      • Skulk Smash! (Amalgam hyper)
  • Sinestro
    • MUGEN 1.0 compatibility
    • I've got a bunch of stuff finished that I haven't released yet:
      • added taunt
      • added fwd/back jumps
      • tweaked FX for strong standing punch
      • tweaked strong standing kick damage (does more with construct)
      • added weak & medium crouching punches
      • tweaked crouching strong punch (adjusted hitspark, added construct effect)
      • tweaked weak air punch (more damage with construct, less vertical bounce)
      • added construct effects to air punches
      • added superjump follow to launcher (press up immediately after hitting)
      • added collision boxes to Deadly Stare ending
      • lose/draw game anims
    • one or two more intros:
      • re-create his first oath scene from Sinestro Corps War #1
      • vs Hal, Guy, John, Kyle, etc
    • a couple of outros
      • stand & laugh
    • custom gethits
      • shocked
      • burned
      • stoned
      • frozen
      • fix SFF issues with linked images
    • basic attacks:
      • some attacks still need powered-up alternate versions with constructs
        • weak & medium crouching punches
        • crouching kicks
        • air kicks
      • add missing weak & medium crouching kicks
      • at least one throw
    • special attacks to be done
      • Morningstar
      • Armored Assault (low-damage Psycho Crusher style move)
    • hyper attacks
      • Sinestro Corps Attack!
      • Parallax Unleashed
      • Master of Fear (yellow core hyper assist)
    • bugs to fix
      • hair gray streak in most palettes should be toned down
      • teeth in most sprites should be white, not yellow/green/gray
      • falling axes in Fall Before Me don't have hitsparks
      • some moves need collision boxes (so he's less cheap):
        • standing medium &amp strong kicks
        • strong air kick
      • some construct sprites need to be folded into the core palette so they can be recolored
      • medium & strong crouching kick are too similar
  • Bizarro
    • Hmm. Me am totally sure about this guy!
    • Seriously. I have no solid plans yet, only that I know he's not done yet. Any suggestions?
  • Flash
    • Like Bizarro, Wally needs more specials & hypers, but I honestly haven't thought much about the movelist yet. Thoughts?
  • I hope to have some new screenshots to show off soon.

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    Thats great news Buyog!!!

    So which char u will begin with?

    Looking forward to see its progress!!!
    This is even better news! Can't wait to see what all you do with these characters. :)

    As for Flash ideas, I'm your guy. ;)

    One idea that hasn't been done, is maybe has a special timer call it "Speedforce Meter" where he can slow down time, effecting everyone on stage, and you move normal, representing him moving faster than everyone else.

    As for more ideas, I've got a few video links that might help.

    From DC vs Mortal Kombat:

    From Injustice Gods Among us:

    Super Move-

    and Justice League Heroes:

    Hopefully that helps, if you need more, I could look over some Flash comics I have.

    Good luck on the updates. :D
    Hey, I am glad to hear you're back in business!

    As someone commented in a previous post, I am anxious to see more work on Mandarin. On the other hand I think your most logical choice would be sinestro or Parasite since you already have some stuff ready for them.

    Even if you never release anything new we can only thank you for all your kindness along these years.

    Many years ago when I my brother showed me Mugen I confess I wasn't much impressed. The idea was nice, but the characters where overpowered, unbalanced, there were colision problems and fighting against the cpu was almost impossible.

    A few years ago I rediscovered Mugen. I loved the idea of a Marvel vs DC game although I hated what Marvel and DC did in the comics. So I looked a few sites, discovered Scruffydragon (I am registered as raiden777) and I confess I had a lot of fun downloading alternative screenpacks, mounting my own roster of characters, deciding who goes against who, etc. I think this is the best part of Mugen. Better than the gameplay itself.

    This is fun but is also hard work and I can only imagine the enormous amount of work involved in creating a new character, which is much more difficult. Characters like Gl and Parasite are even more challenging because of their different movesets. So I wasn't really surprised when you announced that you would probably quit. And you are right family should always come first.

    I had a hard time just making big protraits in MvsDC style. I don't draw so I only try to download pictures from the internet and use them. I never posted them in the forum cause most of them are awful, like batwoman and supergirl, although I liked my Emma Frost. But even she is not nearly as good as the "official ones".

    I never posted anything on Scruff's forum and I only posted here once as anonymous so I apologise if I didn't show my appreciation as often as I should. I am also sorry if I got carried away and wrote such a long text now. But I am really glad that you're back.

    Playing a bit with Bizarro i think he needs:

    -A throw
    -2 Specials or more
    -3 Hypers
    -Flight mode
    -Bizarnage(Amaglgam) Level3 Hyper

    P.s For Bizarnage sprites u can contact Manik who has a wip(maybe cancelled) of him



    @Mon-el & @NX-MEN: thanks for the suggestions, guys. I have a post coming up with news on my most immediate update; the Iron Man 3 trailer made me want to focus on a certain neglected WIP... :)
    Sorry man, nothing's springing to mind. I'd have some ideas for Barry, but I know next to nothing about Wally.

    Thanks for posting all this, though. Savage Hulk has been on my want list for ages. :)
    Thats great news Buyog!!!

    Cant wait for that "negleted" char!!! :)
    Man, i'm really happy to see you again at work. I know in real life you're taken between work and family, so i totally understood your long pause from mugen (i've a similar situation, too). However, seeing your new determination and will i'd like to give you an happy WELCOME BACK in the community! ;)
    I don't know if you remember me, at that time i was editing a sort of demon with 1st parasite version you did (and with your permission hihi). I've added alot of new animations, but as for you, i too had my share of RL issues. I'll think i'll return on that wip (oh, maybe you remember my propensity to romance (regarding my huge posts :P). I'm sorry for this, but i'm really happy you're back!

    Even though now i haven't alot of ideas for you, i'll review a bit of bizarro and flash to bring out alot of new ideas... stay tuned!

    As Porky Pig always speak: That's all Folks ! Have a good weekend, my friend XD
    Hi Buyog. I don't know if my last post here is still under approval process, so i'll rewrite in short (it's better). Totally understanding your whole picture between family and work, i waited your return from your long pause from mugen (i've a pretty similar situation). If you remember me, at that time you released the 1st parasite version, and you gave me approval to use him for my wip Incubus. Beh, my real life, too, is on 1st place.. I'm really happy and glad you dedided to re-spark your interest on mugen, and yesterday i thinked for enough ideas to bizarro (written on a doc). How you like i pass you these ideas? By the way, your new interest and plans for mugen have re-sparked a bit my interest on old wips, so i'd like to continue (when possible, of course) and finish at least a beta version :)

    Thanx for your return, Buyog (or Ryan if you like more your RL name)
    @Heka: sorry for the delay; I saw your first comment but couldn't approve it until now. As for your Biz ideas, feel free to email 'em to the address on my Google profile. :)
    Sent! Have a good reading, and.. have a nice sunday! Or how we say here: Buona Domenica!
    Hi, Buyog I'm really glad your back, I just want to tell you that I really appreciate your work specially on the Savage Hulk. Long time ago I didn't put much attention on Mugen but when I saw your work on the Savage Hulk I've started to like it. Your work is the reason I like Mugen and your Savage Hulk project is still my No. 1 character. I also have your Green Lantern, Lobo, Strong Guy, Parasite, Lex and others in my collections and they are great. I hope to see your update on Savage Hulk because this will be AWESOME! Its great that your back Buyog :)
    "Wally West" moves
    1 redirect projectile sent by opponent
    2 speed punches
    3 A baseball slide that launches dust or rocks at the opponent
    4 a phase move that allows projectiles to pass through him
    lvl 1 creates a vortex around opponent
    lvl 2 speed blitz
    lvl 2 wally could steal the speed of his opponent to make his moves faster for a short amount of time
    lvl 3 you could add have the Infinite Mass Punch
    lvl 3 A speedforce type move
    I like those ideas, thanks SpecialC.

    Here is a logo for Major Force if u decide in the future for Parasite to copy his powers

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