What's Next? (Part 1 of 2)

Friday, October 12, 2012

So this took me a while to get back to. Sorry, I'm kinda preoccupied with things I'm not prepared to talk about here (yet).


As Acey predicted in the comments on my last post, my enthusiasm for MUGEN creation has returned this week, at least in part because I had to go and test all of my unfinished characters so I could write this post about what they still need. So without further ado, here's the first part of the list (more coming soon; I have a few characters still to evaluate):

  • Blackest Night Hal Jordan
    • I'm pretty happy with him as he is. I just went back and added a Black Lantern power set to Parasite (see that below), and the test fights I staged between those two were a ton of fun. This is probably the creation I'm proudest of (well, Luthor is probably a close second :) ).
  • Elektra
    • MUGEN 1.0 compatibility
    • intros
      • "Skrullektra" (a la Secret Invasion)
      • vs Daredevil
      • vs Wolverine
      • vs Catwoman
    • winposes
      • add transition frames to current turn-and-pose
      • take a cue from Marrow's "perfect" winpose (sai throw at screen)
    • basics
      • swap medium & strong standing punches
      • animate / tweak vertical jump
      • strong standing kick
      • crouching medium punch / medium kick
      • weak air punch / air kick
    • special attacks
      • air sai throw
      • spin kick (like chun-li's)
    • hyper attacks
      • finish Death's Touch (hyper sai throw): better FX, knock-back, recovery time, etc
      • finish Ninjitsu (Parasite's version is better right now)
      • Focused Chi - temporarily boost damage, speed, and reduce damage taken
      • Inner Calm - temporarily raise attack damage
      • Catsai & Dare (Amalgam hyper)
  • Green Lantern
    • Blackest Night Hal basically has all the Green Lantern stuff — with SethZankuten's balance tweaks to boot — so I'm not going to do anything else to this old version.
  • Ice
    • MUGEN 1.0 compatibility
    • finish Iceberg (Amalgam) hyper
    • Pillar of Ice hyper
    • Fire & Ice team hyper
  • Invisible Woman

    (I'm taking my cue for her movelist from Avengers Alliance; there are a ton of great ideas in that game, and if you're not playing it, you should be)

    • MUGEN 1.0 compatibility
    • Basics
      • her stance and jump anims should be redone
      • standing medium/hard punch & kick
      • all crouching attacks
      • air medium/hard punch & kick
      • One or more throw(s)
    • Specials
      • Change Bubble to be more like Force Spheres (Avengers Alliance move)
      • Force Field
    • Hypers
      • Rename Bubble Storm to Force Volley (and tweak it for better FX)
      • Force Cage (Avengers Alliance move)
      • Fantasticar charge? (meh, maybe not...)
    • Required sprites
      • her get-hits / being thrown sprites need quite a bit of polish. -_-
    • Custom intros
      • vs Dr. Doom
      • vs Namor
      • vs Reed
      • vs Johnny
      • vs Ben
  • Lex Luthor
    • MUGEN 1.0 compatibility
    • I'd like to add a few more helper characters to the Personal Superhero hyper, for non-Orange Lantern palettes (e.g. Bizarro, Mercy Graves, maybe Luthor-Superboy or Everyman)
  • Lobo
    • MUGEN 1.0 compatibility
    • Lobo the Duck (Amalgam) hyper
    • more intros & winposes, maybe...
  • Mandarin

      (Most of this movelist was actually planned out by McCready a looooong time ago)

    • Basics still missing
      • fwd/back jumps
      • standing medium punch
      • weak & medium standing kick
      • all air & crouching basics =P
      • finish the rest of the get-hits
    • Specials
      • freezing ray -- stand = freezes
      • electro blast -- stand = shocks
      • flare burst -- crouch = burns
      • holographic illusions = creates 2 doppelgangers...the 3 attack (the real one that hits is determined by button)
      • light blast -- stand = knocks P2 back to the wall
      • sonic wave -- air = makes P2 dizzy
      • teleport
      • solidify gas = rocks appear on air and fall (different distances)
      • force field generator = superblock, repels P2
    • Hypers
      • Mental Paralysis.... hyper level 1, stand, = paralyzes P2 and hits him on walls and floor
      • black light.... hyper level 1 = screen goes dark(palfx) and mandarin gets in custom combo mode
      • desintegration beam.... hyper level 3 = big beam
      • vortex ring (flight).... flight mode
      • force blast.... hyper level 1, stand, air = hit w/ knockback
      • magnetic waves.... hyper level 1 = like Magneto's
      • poison gas.... hyper level 1 = P2 loses energy by degrees
  • Marrow
    • I still want to replace her sprites and recode her moves, but realistically, I think this may not happen. -_-
  • Parasite
    • MUGEN 1.0 compatibility
    • Then, it's all about the power sets!
      • Flash: finish Speed Force hyper
      • Lobo: Rotgut special
      • Plastic Man: Stone Fists special
      • Etrigan: Dancing Blazes hyper
      • Darkseid: Omega Sanction hyper
      • Aquaman: whale/shark summon hyper
      • Doomsday: adaptive evolution special / asteroid smash hyper
      • The Atom: Subatomic Adventure hyper
      • Shazam: Electric charge special / lightning strike hyper
      • Starfire: Koriand'r Special
      • Bane: charging fist special / bat-breaker hyper
      • Vixen: Elephant Charge hyper
      • Mongul: Earthquake special / Mongul's Insanity hyper
      • Orange Lantern: Orange Corps hyper
      • Star Sapphire: Love Conquers All hyper
      • Black Lantern: Corrupting Touch special / Lifeforce Boost hyper (DONE THIS WEEK, WOOHOO!)
      • Hulk: Super Armor
      • Thor: Mystic Rainfall hyper
      • Spider-Man: finish/fix Maximum Spider hyper
      • Iron Man: finish/fix Nano Assault hyper
      • Crystal: Element Storm hyper
      • Wolverine: Weapon X hyper
      • Dr. Doom: finish/fix Photon Array hyper
      • Thanos: Stone Walls hyper
      • Juggernaut: Power Up hyper / Super Armor
      • Mr. Fantastic: finish Elastic Slam special / Pliable Pounder hyper
      • Venom: Venom Fang special / Death Bite hyper
      • Nightcrawler: Triple Threat Teleport hyper
      • Songbird: finish Decibel Barrage special / Shatter Scream hyper
      • Rhino: Rampage hyper
      • Storm: Lightning Storm hyper
      • Daredevil: finish Radar Sense special / ??? hyper
  • Strong Guy
    • Nothing; I'm satisfied. :)
  • Stay tuned for part 2; I promise it won't take me 3 months to write it!

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    Thats great news!!!

    Hope u are back to mugen action!!!

    Mugen needs u!!!

    Cant wait to see the part 2!!

    I am glad that u will finish your wips!!! Hope we see more progress on Mandarin!!! Iron Man 3 movie will be released next year so everybody will be thrilled for Mandarin in mugen!!!

    Nice! Glad to see you may still work on some of these. I figured Elektra was dead. :D
    check this game for cool ideias too.

    nice t see some attention for elektra and mandarim :)
    good luck.
    Hey, check out the latest Invincible Iron Man arc for ideas for Mandarin's move list!

    I would just about die of awesome if you included a Titanomech... :)
    I"m glad to see you're back on your mugen feet. :)

    You're a great mugen creator and I can't wait to see your characters updated, Hopefully We'll see your Flash on that List as well. :D

    P.S., My Jay Garrick Flash for mugen will be released as a beta come the end of the month, Hope you check it out. ;)

    Here's my WIP page http://crusadercast.com/index.php?topic=12513.0
    Amazing news!
    I always enjoyed your work for mugen and the updates
    sounds great. I liked all new plans too, specially for Mandarin & Sue.
    Good luck! :)

    Got bit by the MUGEN bug again. Hee hee, you can't escape it. lol

    Cool to see your plans on your WIP's. Looking forward to see how you'll execute them.

    Best of luck to you. Hope life is going well for you.
    @Zvitor, @Snakebyte: both good suggestions, thanks.

    @Mon-el: I like the way Jay's shaping up. I'll definitely look for that beta.

    Everyone else: thanks, guys. Glad to be making progress again, albeit slower than when I was in my 20's. ;)
    Cant Wait for the release :)


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