Savage Hulk Beta 2

Saturday, April 25, 2009

savage hulk

I've just uploaded a new version of Savage Hulk to my server. (I know, he's not strictly a villain, usually... but sometimes he is :p) It's not a huge update, and unfortunately no new moves (yet!), but it features lots of small code tweaks/bug fixes/polish over the previous release:

  • now with AI, thanks to the very talented assistance of Tunglashor (thanks!).

  • includes several alternate select screen portraits for "normal" MUGEN screenpacks; it's a simple SFF edit to change it now.

  • lots of minor bug fixes and move tweaks/tighting

  • custom "frozen" animation for when he's fighting Ice/Bizarro/etc.

Enjoy! And as always, please post any feedback you may have to the release thread over at ScruffyDragon.

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Solid character as always with your creations the only thing I noticed was when Hulk is knocked down he is slow to recover specifically trying to block once he gets up...I was cheesed by Blanka who kept electrocuting me before I could block lol
Hm, I'll have a look, thanks for commenting. :)

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