Green Lantern Remix 1.5

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hal Jordan 1.5

Today I'm proud to offer up the latest and greatest version of Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Thanks to McCready, all of his ring construct effects have been retouched to look more like solid light and less like green plastic. (Thanks, man!)

Other changes you'll notice in this release:

  • all of the non-green palettes (like Black Lantern and Sinestro) won't work anymore, because of the SFF changes. I may try to fix this later on, but for now it's a limitation.

  • air charging ram is back (it somehow got accidentally disabled in the previous release)

  • green afterimages when your power meter is full

  • general move tweaks here and there to make the AI better without being quite so "spammy"

You can download GL Hal Jordan Remix on the ScruffyDragon portal, or on his page here. And as always, if you have any feedback about this release, feel free to email me, or head over to his release thread at ScruffyDragon.

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congrats on the release man, it's killer all around!

just hope you might be able to make an original small portrait for it though
Well, I'm not really focused on standalone MUGEN right now, so all of my stuff is being targeted at the DCvsMarvel screenpack. After the Phase 1 release I suppose that'll change.

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