Hal as Indigo Lantern

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Indigo Tribe can kick butt and take names
Indigo Lantern Hal Jordan jump-kicks Mongul in the face!

Here's the fifth palette idea I've had for our Hal Jordan character to commemorate the Blackest Night crossover. It's pure speculation, because thus far Hal hasn't wielded the Indigo light, and (SPOILER ALERT!) it looks more likely that Ray Palmer will have that honor. I didn't plan it this way, but this week in Blackest Night #3 our heroes finally meet the Indigo Tribe, and we the readers start to see what they're capable of -- just in time for me to try and figure out what that would mean for Hal to wield their spectrum of emotional energy, the light of compassion.

So far we the readers don't have a lot of information about what the Indigos' shtick actually is. They appear to wield staffs as their power focus, but are depicted using rings as well. They also seem to have a knack for using / redirecting the energy of the other light corps: so far we've only seen this with green and yellow (in the "Tales of the Corps" miniseries a few months back), but there's no reason to think it won't work with the others as well. They also forsake individuality, even giving up their names when they join the tribe! So for that reason I don't really see Hal "Question Authority" Jordan fitting in well. But these palettes are pretty crazy already, and I don't see Hal joining the Violet corps (the Star Sapphires) without certain... biological alterations (they appear to have a females-only roster), so let's just run with it, shall we?

So what kind of customizations am I going to give Hal for this palette?

  • As with the others, custom intro and win/lose poses
  • New special move to absorb / redirect energy from other corps (e.g. GLs, Sinestro, etc)
  • Increased resistance to energy-based attacks

Kind of coming up short, here. I'm thinking I need more ideas... so if you've got any thoughts, feel free to post them in the comments below.

Next time, we imagine Hal as a Black Lantern!


wow lol i dont think hal would do good as a indigo lantern lol but i like it o had who is ray palmer i read the comic but i dont know who it is is it the atom cuz thats all i got and if hal does become an indigo lantern he needs a staff lol and his skin should be changes to purple like indigo 1 lol and about black lantern he should look dead lol and have the blacklantern sighn thats all i got just askin are you making all the lantern corps with hal or just these cant wait for release lol
Too much skin showing! LOL
@shadoku: Ray Palmer = the Atom, yeah. The plan right now is to keep the "bottom" 6 palettes as normal Green Lantern pals, and the "upper" 6 palettes (the ones you hold start while selecting) will be: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green/Blue, Indigo, and Black.

@Matiax: heh, yeah, the Indigos seem to like it that way. ;)
Can't wait this X-mas present by Buyog. He's the best oldschool mugen creator since Loganir retired.

Mugen fan from Russia
wow well cant wait for realse and blackest night 4 lol
It looks like the Indigos copy other Lanterns' powers by equating "compassion" with empathy, feeling what other people feel. Unfortunately, since there aren't any other Lanterns for Mugen besides Greens and Sinestro, you'd never get to do anything but green and yellow attacks playing as this palette, which is kinda boring.

So instead of requiring him to absorb from his opponent, maybe you could just make each of Indigo Hal's special moves an attack of a different color? Or give him 7 supers, where each one is a different emotion. I also think it'd be cool to see the logo of whatever corps he's copying appear over his head or in the background or something and have a voice clip play of him or his ring yelling "Rage!" or "Fear!" or whichever he's doing when he does the move.
@Anon: yeah, that's the feeling I get as well, but they must have *some* power of their own or they wouldn't be a corps of light, right? [shrug]

Anyway, I really like your idea for having a series of moves inspired by the other corps. I may very well go in that direction.
wow anon that is really smart lol yeah i think you should do that buyog i also hope somebody makes another lantern besides green and yellow lol wouldnt be a crossovr with out them lol
Actually, there are supposedly male members of the Star Sapphire corps. I could swear I remember Johns or Peter Tomasi saying that they exist, but they're rare. Mostly because love being on an extreme of the spectrum and males often being deemed "unworthy".

I wish I could remember where it was said so I could give a link and some specifics.
@dl316bh: I kinda recall that same interview, I think. If you can find the link, please post it back here.
Found it Buyog.


It happened at San Diego Comic Con. Geoff was asked if we'd see a male Star Sapphire. Geoff responded that anyone could join, but most men were deemed unworthy.
Excellent, thanks for the link, I remember that panel now. :)
Indigo-1 demonstrated a new power in this week's GL. It looks like it works the same way as Ghost Rider's Penance Stare...except rather weak. Here's a scan:

@Anon: Totally missed that when I read it the first time. Good catch, that may be something I have to find a way to use.

And for the record, I think it was only weak against Mongul because he's almost totally devoid of a conscience or morality of any kind. ;)
another power should be to teleport short distances
@Anon: ooh, good point, teleport should definitely be in there.
possibly give him an indigo beat stick?
In the custom intro and/or winpose, maybe.

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