Hal as Black Lantern

Monday, October 05, 2009

Black Lanterns, aka DC Zombies
Black Lantern Hal Jordan - so much for cheating death, eh?

Here's the sixth and final palette I've got planned for the "Blackest Night" edition of our Hal Jordan character. As with Indigo palette, I'm speculating a bit on what a Black Lantern Hal would have as a power set, based on what we've seen so far from other risen heroes. Here are the ideas I have planned:

  • As with the others, custom intro and win/lose poses
  • Custom voice clips
  • Super-robust healing factor (can only be KO'ed by a level-3 hyper)
  • Ring (i.e. power bar) charges very slowly, but using hyper moves won't deplete it

And... that's the plan. I'm not sure when I'll have him ready for release, because that depends on some factors outside my control (my available free time being one of the big ones), but he's progressing. My ScruffyDragon teammate SethZankuten has also been rocking some cool tweaks to Hal for the play-balanced version that will become part of the DCvsMarvel game we've been building towards... some of those changes may very well make it back into this version, or they may get left as project exclusives for now, but either way, between the comics and the characters, this is a good time to be a Green Lantern fan.


Wow! That's so hardcore! I can hardly wait. I hope Hal's tweaks won't become exclusive for DCvsMarvel game, cause I collect all DC/Marvel characters.

P.S. "this is a good time to be a Green Lantern fan." - True :)

Mugen fan from Russia
Knock knock, can I intrude for a moment?
First of all, congratulations on the excellent works. This is excellent sprite work here.

So, I write here because I have a problem: I have tried to collect all your characters (those that are at last around version 1.0), stages and extras, in order to use them to play in the mugen. But, since I'm definitely not good at using that program, I can't seem to be able to fix them up in the same fashionable way I see in your screenshots and animations.
...And I was wondering: if you could release a beta version, with the few usable characters, of this DC vs Marvel game, so that people could download it and play it?
@owl: we've been discussing something like this. Stay tuned to the ScruffyDragon forums for news. :)
Hola. Me gustan mucho tus char, eres un artista. Quiero aportar una idea. Cada Lantern podria tener un ataque especial unico igual que el Char Parasite. Por cierto, Parasite es mi char favorito, tengo muchas ganas de ver nuevas actualizaciones. :D
Eres el mejor :D
Un Saludo.
@Anon: Gracias por los elogios, me alegro de que disfrutes de mis chars. Estoy de acuerdo que cada Lanterna paleta debe tener su propio ataque especial.

Parasite que recibirá los nuevos movimientos a finales de este otoño. Espero que os gusten. :)
Hola Buyog quiero felicitarte por que eres el mejor en crear char y ¿por que mejor no haces un WIP de Black Lantern Superman? me responde por favor en mi correo leofer93@hotmail.com y gracias por tus char son fantasticos
one problem. he's hal jordan. he's not supposed to die.
@Anon: heh, good point, but this is all a big game of "what if" anyway, sooo... ;)
true, true

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