Preview: 12 Days of Christmas 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So the other day I got an email from a fan, wondering when our usual 12 Days of Christmas event was going to start. Isn't Christmas less than 12 days away already?

Well, yes. But despite some people's misunderstanding, the traditional 12 Days of Christmas actually start on December 25th. That's either day 1, or in some traditions, day 0, Day 1 being December 26th. The celebration then runs through January 5th, often referred to as Twelfth Night. As is often the case, Wikipedia has a lot more information if you want it.

So, enough with the history lesson. What, I hear you thinking to yourself, does this mean to me personally? (yes, I can hear your thoughts over the Internet. Scary, aren't I?) Well, simply this: you can expect to see me post 12Days-related updates here on my blog beginning on December 25th, and the ScruffyDragon forum will carry them daily throughout the entire 12 days.

As to what you can expect this year... well, remember that the 12Days as we observe it is not, strictly speaking, a "release party." There will be releases, yes, but plenty of other treats as well... without giving too much away, here's a taste of some things you can probably expect:

  • Blackest Night Hal Jordan. You've all waited long enough.
  • My long-awaited Parasite update should be in there too, I hope
  • Videos of works in progress, by myself or other ScruffyDragons
  • Pocket characters. Deal with it, some of us rather like them. ;)
  • Some updates to other previously-released characters (besides mine)
  • Betas of a few new projects that aren't public knowledge yet :D
  • And of course, a few surprises

For more ideas about what you might be seeing soon in a feed reader near you, check out my coverage of our previous 12Days celebrations: 2007, 2008, and 2009.

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Genial me gusta muchisimo Parasite y Green Lantern. Son los mejores char de mugen. Feliz Navidad !!!
Pocket characters are a let down. Not that they are being made, but that is all the scruffy team makes these days. I wouldn't mind them if they were a side project, but they are the whole focus of Scruffy now, I feel like they've forgotten completely about their original project...Well I hope they finish it quickly then, maybe they will then move back to the original project.
good luck with your releases!
@Anon: I'm truly sorry that you feel that way, but Pockets are HARDLY all that we're doing, and they're not REMOTELY our whole focus. I've helped make one for Ice, but that's it personally. Magus does a lot of them, yes, but he's the only senior Dragon who is, for his Pocket World "side project". (and about that: yes, DCvsMarvel was our first project, but that doesn't make it our ONLY project. We're doing several things simultaneously, per individual skill sets and interest levels)

I think you'll find plenty to like about this year's 12Days.
Well actually to be honest it does look like the team is focusing on the unpopular Pocket project and doesn't care anymore about the main DC vs. Marvel project. I mean, the last never-before-released character for the project was released almost 10 months ago (Magneto and Omega-Red don't count). Meanwhile, all the 12 days brought was updates to existing characters. Yet, 2 entirely new pocket characters were released as well as the first phase of the whole project. I don't exactly see how it can be viewed as a side project when there's been this much focus on it. The first phase of DC vs. Marvel should have been released already yet you guys are focusing on the silly pocket universe. It's a shame really how the talent has gone to waste here.
@ravupadh: pockets may be unpopular to YOU, but we've had plenty of fans tell us otherwise. The pocket projects are, by contrast, much quicker to produce, and provide fun for plenty of people

And what's this about "no new characters?" Did you somehow MISS Wucash's incredible Darkseid ( -- NOT an update, NOT a reheash -- this is a brand new character release, and it completes the DCvsMarvel roster! Plus we gave you a DCvM soundtrack, which taken together with everything else, gives you absolutely all that you need to assemble your own DCvsMarvel game. We're working on the inevitable balance issues that arise with a full game release, if done properly, and frankly, most of the core Dragons are so time-poor now that we just don't have that much attention to devote anymore. It's not a "waste of talent" if we're just not working on things at all, it's getting on with our lives. Sorry to disappoint you.

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