[Release Watch] Hal Jordan, Day 7

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I went to bed early last night, still trying to shake off this flu bug. Before I did, however, I fixed two minor bugs with Blackest Night Hal Jordan:

  • fixed: [Orange Lantern] KOed P2 flies way up into the air before eventually falling back to the ground
  • fixed: [Red Lantern] Jet Rush special is noticeably longer when in the air at the edge of the screen than any other time

That brings Hal's bug tally to:
Beta issues resolved: 62 of 70
Bugs remaining: 8

Tonight I should be able to stay up a little later, since I'm now well-rested. Should be a good chance to knock out most of the non-palette-specific bugs, leaving me the weekend to finish debugging the Orange and Black hypers.

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In Brightest day,
In Blackest night,
No Bug shall escape your sight...

Animos que ya te queda poco Buyog. Estoy ansioso por jugar con Hal Jordan, sera genial. Hal Jordan y Parasite seran los mejores char de la historia del MUGEN.
Heh, thanks, guys.
vamos buyog que si se puede!! elimina esos bug y culmina esa obra maestra, es el legado que queda al MUGEN y la toda pelea en 2D jejeje
Hope you feel better soon!

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