[Release Watch] Hal Jordan, Day 8

Monday, March 21, 2011

So I haven't been able to work on Blackest Night Hal Jordan for a couple of days (shocking, I know). Tonight, though, I finally made the time. Here's where things stand, relative to his readiness for release:

  • fixed: plasma sphere in corner needs better alignment with p2 as goes off
  • wontfix: hal will not jump near p2 when they are knocked back from knockout special if stage near wall

This is the first "wontfix" (i.e. "won't fix") to show up in my blog posts. It's a concept from software engineering, where some bugs are deemed too minor to fix, or sometimes (like in this case) not really bugs at all! I actually intended the current behavior, where Hal only dashes onscreen / close to P2 if he knocks them offscreen. You'll see more of these in the full changelog, which will go out with his release when it's done.

Tonight's updated bug tally:
Beta issues resolved: 64 of 70
Bugs remaining: 6

Not too much left! And I'm taking the netbook on my carpool drive to work tomorrow, so I can (hopefully) get some stuff done then too. :)

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