[Release Watch] Strong Guy, Day 10

Thursday, January 26, 2012

So, this is likely going to be the last installment of Strong Guy Release Watch! I've got the perfect sound effects for Havok and Polaris now, and have revamped how the Quicksilver part works as well. Then this morning I did an audit through all of his hypers to add the KineticE damage multiplier apply to all of his physical force-based hypers: Touchdown, Cannonball (Hyper Blanka Envy), and Pinhead. Finally, I've revamped Touchdown (again) to make it more visually appealing and to distinguish it a bit more from Hyper Pinhead in terms of how it affects player 2.

That just leaves the tweaks to camera behavior for Megaton Fury and Piledriver.

Remix tasks

  • code cleanup (move basics/specials/hypers to their own .st files)
  • add lose on time over anim
  • add draw game anim
  • fix hypers to not give back power meter
  • Revamp Kinetic Energy Bar (new sprites & code tweaks)
  • Revamp basic attacks (strong kicks replaced with punches, reordered progression of attacks)
  • De-cheapify basic combo chains
  • Fix kinetic energy effects of grapples
  • new special: Up You Go
  • tweak damage/effects of Run Deep special
  • new intro: Lila Cheney teleport
  • tweak Touchdown hyper
  • add recovery roll
  • new audio for jacket-ripping intro
  • new winpose: fatigued when kinetic energy level too high
  • add dizzy state & effects
  • improve heart attack (KO via heart damage from too much kinetic energy)
  • new hyper: Spinning Piledriver
  • "Hyper Combo Finish" hyper names displayed when win by hyper
  • new hyper: Megaton Fury
  • new hyper: X-Factor Attacks
    • Quicksilver entrance/attack/get-hit/exit/sound
    • Wolfsbane entrance/fastball special/sound
    • Madrox drop-kick/exit
    • Polaris entrance/attack/exit/sound
    • Havok entrance/attack/exit/sound

Bugs reported in beta testing

  • Change Touchdown hyper's custom hit states
  • Add better camera control for Megaton Fury startup
  • Better camera control for Piledriver
  • Bug: Lila isn't casting a shadow in the intro
  • Tweak Touchdown hyper to a 2-hit attack: grapple, carry, smash into the wall

Completed tasks: 24 of 26
Tasks remaining: 2

I'll be giving it over to McCready tonight for final review. And then... :)

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