[Release Watch] Strong Guy, Day 9

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Welcome back to our ongoing Release Watch for Strong Guy! I had to drive to work Monday, effectively eliminating my MUGEN time for that day. Yesterday, I spent some time tweaking things here and there, adding missing "lost by timeout" anims, aligning messed-up custom hit animations for the Piledriver hyper, that sort of thing. As for the final remaining hyper, X-Factor Attacks, I've been hunting down appropriate sound effects; developing during my commute means I've been testing him with the sound off, and didn't even notice how quiet the attack seemed until last night! :-P I've got Polaris's and Havok's part done, so the sound effects are all that's left there. So close now I can almost taste it!

X-Factor attacks! Lorna and Alex put the finishing hurt on Guido's foe.

This puts my remaining task count at 0.2 subparts of the hyper (sounds for Quicksilver and Wolfsbane), and 2 camera bug fixes (which really are both the same issue in two different places, so when I fix one the other will be trivial):

Remix tasks

  • code cleanup (move basics/specials/hypers to their own .st files)
  • add lose on time over anim
  • add draw game anim
  • fix hypers to not give back power meter
  • Revamp Kinetic Energy Bar (new sprites & code tweaks)
  • Revamp basic attacks (strong kicks replaced with punches, reordered progression of attacks)
  • De-cheapify basic combo chains
  • Fix kinetic energy effects of grapples
  • new special: Up You Go
  • tweak damage/effects of Run Deep special
  • new intro: Lila Cheney teleport
  • tweak Touchdown hyper
  • add recovery roll
  • new audio for jacket-ripping intro
  • new winpose: fatigued when kinetic energy level too high
  • add dizzy state & effects
  • improve heart attack (KO via heart damage from too much kinetic energy)
  • new hyper: Spinning Piledriver
  • "Hyper Combo Finish" hyper names displayed when win by hyper
  • new hyper: Megaton Fury
  • new hyper: X-Factor Attacks
    • Quicksilver entrance/attack/get-hit/exit/sound
    • Wolfsbane entrance/fastball special/sound
    • Madrox drop-kick/exit
    • Polaris entrance/attack>/exit/sound
    • Havok entrance/attack/exit/sound

Bugs reported in beta testing

  • Change Touchdown hyper's custom hit states
  • Add better camera control for Megaton Fury startup
  • Better camera control for Piledriver
  • Bug: Lila isn't casting a shadow in the intro

Completed tasks: 22.8 of 25
Tasks remaining: 2.2

I may have good news for y'all tomorrow or Friday. :)

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That's a REALLY nice Havok sprite... Do you know if anyone's working on turning it into a character, or, if not, if it's allowed to be worked on? (And, if so, do you know what the bases are?)
You'd have to ask McCready, I'm honestly not sure.

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